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Coconut milk makes wonderful ice cream and the fruity concoction in the bottom of the bowl makes for one of the best combos. tetiana_tychynska. Cold Kefir Soup with Green Vegetables Recipe A truly summer, refreshing cold soup on kefir with a rich vegetable composition, the delicate color of summer greens. Add kefir sour cream to soup for a thicker texture. I couldn't tell the difference to be honest. kefir. Step 2. I used the plain kefir to make this chilled Cucumber & Kefir soup – perfect for dinner al frescos with friends or even packed up for a picnic at the beach – all you need to add are great conversation and fun! Puree soup in batches in blender. Next, return to the same saucepan, whisk it in 1 cup of unflavored kefir and then season the soup with salt as well as freshly ground black pepper. For a light and sophisticated starter, try this Cold Kefir Soup with Basil and Radish. You can try to make a part of our culinary heritage yourself. Cold vegetable kefir soup with eggs and greens Free Photo 9 months ago. If you’re vegan, you can follow exactly the same recipe, but swap the kefir for some vegan/soy yoghurt instead and be sure to use a vegan-friendly, vegetable stock. I could eat this everyday and in the summertime I … Peel the radish and slice very thinly, using a mandoline slicer if available. Preparation. Kefir is a gut-friendly dairy produce, but you can swirl fresh cream or sour cream through this soup, too. Rewarm soup. Drizzle with additional unflavored kefir; garnish with fennel fronds. ingredients for homemade okroshka. You can rewarm soup at this point. Milk kefir soup with pumpkin and sweet potato. It's a welcome addition to hot or cold soups. 70g package Thai Carrot, stores for up to a year, pictured here with our buckwheat; also great over rice or pasta. In the second method we use kefir, a kind of drinkable yogurt, as the broth. Rinse and trim cucumber, quarter lengthwise and cut into thin slices. If you have some leftover boiled potatoes, you can use them in this soup. Pumpkin and sweet potato should give this kefir soup rich taste. For cooking you'll need: Ham - 200 grams Potato - 200 grams 2 Eggs Cucumber - 150 grams Radish - 150 grams Dill - 30 grams Green onion - 30 grams Kefir - 500 ml Mayo - 50 grams Sour cream - … Get the recipe here . Serve in warm soup bowls with a drizzle of the seasoned kefir sauce. Okroshka (cold soup) with kefir - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock The nutmeg works well whit this soup and complement the onion and garlic. Then let’s get started! Kefir is a cultured Dairy drink make with live Kefir cultures, and it originated in the Caucasus mountains over 2,000 years ago. Ladle the soup … 15 Comments Cold Bulgarian soup with kefir, cucumbers, dill, walnuts and feta The wonderful cashew sauce is made with pickles and apple cider vinegar. Cold Bulgarian soup with kefir, cucumbers, dill, … Whisk in 1 cup unflavored kefir and season soup with salt and freshly ground black pepper. 3 Puree the soup in a blender. Following this, puree soup by batch in a blender. Ladle soup into bowls. Stir together kefir, green onions, and dill in pitcher or medium bowl. Peel eggs and cut in half lengthwise. 1. For this easy kefir recipe you need. Sprinkle with salt and leave to stand for about 10 minutes to draw off some of the moisture. Adding a little kefir at the last process of making many soups has become routine for me. Drizzle with additional unflavored kefir; garnish with fennel fronds. ksu_slyusareva. 1 cucumber* 4 medium tomatoes * 1 bunch of parsley * 1 bunch of dill * 200 ml of Kefir – my delicious organic Kefir waits here* for you; 1 lemon; Do you have everything? So, so good! I'm very glad to hear from other soup-heads out there! Carrot and pumpkin soups. Cut the onion into julienne and cook it for about 5 minutes on low heat with the olive oil and salt. Or you can also totally skip the potatoes. This one will be a little bit sweet and a little bit creamy creamy. If you've made a soup and the consistency is too watery, sour cream can help thicken the texture. This is a Polish recipe for a refreshing and healthy chilled beetroot soup with kefir and yoghurt. Season with salt and pepper, if desired. Thai Carrot cooks in less than ten minutes; a great way to get vegetables and variety without having to keep veggies in the fridge. In times of old okroshka was poured with cucumber or cabbage pickle. Though okroshka is a Russian soup, it refers to Slavic cuisine and Ukrainian love and cook it a lot, so we've decided to share the recipe. You may also like. Traditional russian cold summer soup okroshka. There are a few people who should not consume kefir, and we have learned about some of the dangers of kefir. It is served with hard-boiled eggs and fresh dill. For the first method we use kvass as the liquid instead of a traditional soup broth. Additionally the kefir cucumber soup has a cooling effect. I add the kefir once I cool them a bit. Run the tip of a paring knife through the center of the round drop of kefir, creating a heart shape. Chill at least 1 hour (or overnight). You can also cook the cold soup with cultured milk foods, pickle, broth or mineral… Serve garnished with hard-boiled eggs. My soups are never actually "hot" after the original veggie is cooked, IF the original veggie is cooked, not all of them are. Russian national cold okroshka soup in a white plate on a light background. In a medium soup pot, saute the onions, leeks and garlic in oil until tender 2 Add the water, celeriac root, potatoes, asparagus, dill and celery salt. Order now. restaurant serving. Rewarm soup. Once smooth, with the motor running, blend in 1 cup of kefir and ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil. Ladle soup into bowls. Impress friends, or simply enjoy. Enjoy a chilled cucumber and kefir soup. Then, ladle the soup into bowls. A bowl filled with crunchy cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, sweet beets, and cold creamy kefir will keep you full and satisfied for hours! Traditionally the base of it was kvass. Add to the remaining kefir, mix and season to taste with salt and pepper. Kefir is an ancient drink that is related to yogurt but isn’t the same. Kefir Coconut Fruit Soup. In the recipe, I use instead of kvas kefir and carbonated mineral water what in my opinion good substitute for kvas. Stir greens, chives, radishes, and cucumber into soup and divide among bowls. Cream of everything, even potatoe. I call okroshka Russian summer soup because warm weather is the perfect time to serve it. Perfect for these hot summer days when you just want something simple and cooling. TIP: To make the heart-shape design in this soup spoon small drops of kefir onto the soup. Like the tomatoe soup and or cukes for example. Return to same saucepan. Okroshka (окро́шка) is a refreshing soup served cold. and About 4 minutes to read this article. Bring to a boil and simmer until the potatoes are tender, 30-40 minutes. Soup, though not common at the table, is a great addition to any fall meal spread. Perfect as a light meal or starter, Chilled Courgette Soup with Kefir and Golden Kimchi is a delicious combination of fermented foods – kimchi and Kefir – for a gut-friendly meal that supports your immune system, too! Okroshka soup we serve on hot summer days, very refreshing and light meal. 4 Add in Lifeway Kefir, salt and pepper and Enjoy! How does Chilled Kefir Soup with Cucumber and Herbs served with home-baked seeded artisan bread and a glass of un-oaked chardonnay sound? Home Product Catalog 12 Great Reasons to Buy ... Soup&Kefir @RawTibicos 25 Keefer Road St. Catharines, ON L2M 6K4 Canada 1 (800) 414-0754 Whisk in 1 cup unflavored kefir and season soup with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mangoes and strawberries topped with Kefir Coconut Ice Cream. Adjust seasoning to taste and set aside. 1. At the same time it is a full meal. Cold Beet Soup is a perfect way to eat healthy and delicious during summer. Add the peeled and cut pumpkin, at first over high heat, then reduce the heat and cover with the broth.Let it cook for about 30 minutes until the pumpkin is soft and sweet. It offers a wide range of benefits to nearly everyone on earth. In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine remaining kefir with lemon zest, ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and set aside. Your source for fabulous dried veggie mixes and water kefir concentrate, shipped to you! Cook until beets are tender, 18 to 20 minutes. It’s warm and light and adds a different texture to the meal, making your dining experience all the more interesting. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. By Debra Smith. Support your immune system with this courgette soup Courgette and Kefir naturally contain nutrients that support immune health. Save. Chilled Kefir Soup With Cucumber, Herbs, Edible flowers, and Kefir “Waves” This hot weather calls for a cool refreshing light lunch. Recipe by: Miła How about we serve it Spa Style, in the pool. The main additives are not mixed together with the dressing, they are served separately -everyone can "assemble" their own plate of soup according to their taste preferences. Rewarm soup. Stir in kefir and (soup should taste slightly sour). Usually only a … We can make okroshka in two primary ways. Ladle soup into bowls. This recipe is easy to make for everyone because of all ingredients available in most places. Then drain. A Biotiful twist on typical Russian soup Cool and refreshing summer soup. I posted this Cold Beet Soup Recipe originally 9 years ago exactly. Chill. Bulgarian Soup With Kefir, Cucumbers, Dill, Walnuts, and Feta from At the Immigrant's Table Crunchy, tangy, herby, creamy—this soup definitely isn't lacking in flavor. Coarsely chop beet greens. Rinse and trim radishes, and thinly slice. If you’re not familiar with the probiotic superfood kefir, it’s similar to yogurt, but thinner and tangier, and perfect for incorporating into all sorts of dishes, from breakfast smoothies to desserts.This chilled kefir, cucumber, and avocado soup is ultra refreshing on a hot summer day, and can be whipped up in mere minutes. Cold creamy soups too like cucumber soup. Usually cold beet soup is made with kefir, but I used instant cashew "kefir" instead. 645 words. Like. Collect. Creamy, tangy kefir pairs beautifully with aromatic basil and pine nuts, a hint …

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