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Even at making wood shavings for a fire, it did fine. The Spyderco Persistence, also known as the C136 Persistence, is a smaller version of the company's TenaciousModel. You'll like it. Spyderco knives offer a wide variety of blade sizes made of durable materials perfect for rough and rugged use. Would You Spend $80 on Off-Road Windshield Wipers? Free shipping . Other than the 8Cr13MoV steel, which honestly isn’t that bad, you get everything you’d want out of a blade from Spyderco. New items are always being added so check the page frequently. The liners are clean and without sharp edges. But...well...it looks a little limp. Here, the Efficient also runs an effective forward finger choil, letting you choke up for precise cuts and allowing larger hands to use the modest folder. We offer some add-on services to customize your knife even more. Between this is the Drifter, I'd take the Drifter for its more compact carry, but the race is a very close one. Still, if I were designing this knife I would skip the backspacer and go with a pillar-constructed design. To be exact, Spyderco Tenacious is equipped with a 3-3/8” blade, whereas Spyderco Resilience with a 4-1/4” blade. The blade is not only long but it is fairly wide (from edge to spine) at almost an 1.5″ inches. 433. It does the same for the Tenacious. One long session at the ole recycling bin left the blade more scarred than Tommy John's elbow. Then Eric says: "Yeah, but I want a real finger choil." I also like the Pilar and there the competition is between two things that are quite different. Click, click, click--something more intelligible appears. Not so here. There is really no reason not to and doing so would save a half an ounce or something like that. There is nothing to complain about here and even with the budget price, the pivot is smooth, the detent is crisp, and the knife fires well. Designed from the ground up to be an affordably priced, performance-oriented folding knife, the Spyderco Efficient has earned a devoted following among savvy knife users who appreciate a solid value. Toss in the excellent spoon-style clip and the perfectly textured G10 handles, and you have a winner. It had the hole, the hump, and the clip, but it was more paint by numbers Spyderco knife than an organic, cohesive knife. I was in a distinct minority when I proclaimed the Spyderco Tenacious to be a hohum blade. The G10 is really perfect, hitting that grippy but not shreddy point dead on. It exhibits zero blade play in any direction. They will likely not encounter a truly superior blade for a long time and for a lot more money. Spyderco Efficient Folding Knife 3" 8Cr13MoV … I bought it at 5:30 AM one morning, noticing that it had populated my favorite knife store. For the money, the Spyderco is a great performer. This is the first time 8Cr has ever reacted that way for me, so I will chalk it up to being a fluke. 78% of buyers rated it at 5 stars, citing ease of use and cost vs. value as top factors. I have been looking at these for a bit. The G10 has a nice bit of edge finishing to it. While a bit heavier than I would like (anything heavier than 3 ounces seems excessive), the Efficient is not offensive on this account. Again, no functional impact, but something worth noting. May 11, 2016. With its homely lines and wide profile, it looks like one of those lumpy, charming Spyderco designs from the 90s. © Copyright 2020 GearJunkie, All Rights Reserved. In this case, the access cutout works for both the Spyder-hole and liner lock itself, a clever design redundancy. You will see regrinds, ano jobs, acid wash, and others. The Efficient is an excellent blade and an exciting start to what looks like a banner year. In this crowded field, this model stands out in that it doesn't stand out. I… Here, the Efficient elevates above other $35 knives because it is simply a solid build. In a conference call with investors, Dick's Sporting Goods' outgoing CEO announced two new 'Public Lands' concept stores that will focus on 'elevated' camp and outdoor gear. It was named for the word persistence, describing a steadfastness and 'never give up' attitude attributed to those who may purchase the knife. The drawing is altered and finger choil appears. Its a very slight thing though because with just a little more drop to the point and you get the excellent looking Caly3 blade. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. The only difference between Spyderco Tenacious and Spyderco Resilience is the size. I have carried it and used it since and I can tell you--this is a very good knife. GearJunkie hits the road to get out of office for a new content series with Go RVing. The Spyderco Tenacious, set up for tip-down carry, in contrast to the Efficient, which is tip-up. It is a broad, wide blade (which, thanks to good design, hides almost completely in the handle) with enough belly to do real work. But years later, there is not so much fanfare around the Tenacious. Thanks to some solid steel liners and a steel backspacer, the knife is portly. It has many of the design cues that make Spyderco knives beloved. $50.99. Its not quite as thoughtless as the deployment on the RAT 2, but for a liner lock (and a budget one at that), this is really nice. In short, this is the costwise Spyderco you want. It has all of the features and niceties at about half the price of a comparable blade. The material transition on the backspacer is good. Spyderco efficient Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Earl1, Jul 19, 2018. Here is the Efficient's product page. This is a damn good knife. Read more…. But I felt it was a simulacrum of a Spyderco, a McDowells to the actual McDonalds. There are a slew of Kershaws out there in this price range, but only the G10 Zing and the G10 Cryo are worthy competitors and both are just a slight bit more money. As a starter for someone just beginning the expensive path of gear, it is a marvel. To me the real competition comes in the form of CRKT's budget line. The blade:handle is .75 (3/4.01). Here, the Efficient elevates above other $35 knives because it is simply a solid build. Our modifications have grown significantly since the beginning and we wanted to get them on one page. They never appear on IG or Everyday Carry. It is quick, convenient, and efficient. Spyderco, as implied, designs and manufactures their branded knives. and is made in China. In the world of EDC tools, The Tenacious knife offers a mid-sized blade at a reasonable price for the value that it offers. It is a simple circular hole designed for the thumb. was singing the knife's praises and the vast majority of the Internet agreed. The 3.39" 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade is more than adequate for EDC cutting tasks, and takes on a sharp edge easily. The computer guy clicks a few buttons and the CAD drawing of the Tenacious populates the screen. The design looks clunky. Utilizing the Spyderco metals, attention to detail and unique design, the Tenacious G-10 Combination Edge Blade gives you a half-serrated edge for those instances that call for it, while also retaining the plain edge for clean slices. There is literally nothing that tells you this is a budget blade, except the steel designation on the blade. All you need is a quick nudge to nestle it away, and the blade opens with an authoritative clack. Here is my review sample: Twitter Summary: The budget Spyderco we always wanted. Its very hard to screw up the Spyderhole, especially since the 1.1" rule was instituted. The Efficient by Spyderco offers quality for a fair price. The Efficient also shows just how long-in-the-tooth that design really is. Spyderco Efficient Folding Knife 3" 8Cr13MoV Stainless Blade Green G10 Handle. The edges of the handle, for example, are nicely rounded and comfortable. Earl1. Its handle is made of G-10, a composite made up of layers of gloss and epoxy resin, and has a sleek black color. There is also the just released Spyderco Polestar, another budget Spyderco, this time with BD-1, a steel I like much better than 8Cr. With a more cohesive and put together design than the Tenacious, the Efficient is a great knife. It features a compact, ergonomic design centered around a full-flat ground drop point blade. This is what the Tenacious should have been. He also authors the gear blog Everyday Commentary. It measures 7.76 inches overall, with a blade length of 3.39 inches. The Spyderco spoon style clip, like the Spyderhole is quite refined and very close to perfection. I imagine a scene kind of like that scene at the beginning of Weird Science (RIP Bill Paxton, Chet was such a hilarious a-hole), except instead of nerds making a woman, Sal and Eric are standing over someone at computer with CAD loaded up making a knife. Spyderco: Reasons to Choose The very first reason to choose Spyderco vs Kershaw is the Spyderco Hole. Now there are hundreds of blades that cost more. We test the Walmart exclusive to see what $10 gets you. Most of my other liner locks snap into place and stay there. Learn how to live, work, and play — and stay connected! Spyderco Tenacious Value Folding Knife with 3.39" Black Stainless Steel Blade and Durable G-10 Handle - PlainEdge - C122GBBKP 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,402 $54.60 There is no group carrying the torch for them on the forums. The blade shape is 100% awesome in terms of function. I am not generally a fan of full flat grinds because they can get chubby behind the edge (see Strider PT), but if you give them enough space to taper effectively, the results are definitely useful. From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Since its introduction, the Spyderco Efficient has earned a loyal following among knife enthusiasts who appreciate a versatile folder that is both pocket and budget-friendly. There’s something distinctly old school about the Polestar. It does work, it carries well, and it has a level of refinement you wouldn't expect out of a knife this inexpensive. Its implementation the Efficient continues a tradition of great utility. Its lack of a choil made me gravitate towards this knife, but still both are worth a look. Not only does the knife have solidity that is often missing in affordable blades, but it has refinement. There might be choices that are arguably better, but nothing clearly superior. As someone that has a bunch of knives and is curious, you might have an issue going back--why do I have so many more expensive knives that aren't that much better? It runs 8Cr13MoV, a lesser steel on the market today, but besides that one major drawback it’s a solid everyday knife. It is lightyears better than the Tenacious and up there with some of the better knives on the market. The blade is 0.12 inches long. Survival: If your adventures take you deep into the mountains, woods, or other wilderness environments, a knife is a vital tool. The Polestar has a 3.3-inch blade, a 4.5-inch handle, and an overall length of 7.81 inches. — anywhere your wheels can roll. And this is not something uncommon in this year's budget knives in the review queue (the CRKT Pilar and the AG Russell Light'n Bug). I almost bought a tenacious but it felt a bit wide to me. Its time to update the Delica. The liners are perfectly flush, something rarely seen in budget blades, and the blade finish was bright satin on an even full-flat grind. There is simply no outward sign that this is a budget blade. At the same time it comes across as a more refined Tenacious: skinnier, with a streamlined handle and narrower blade. The Efficient is a great addition to Spyderco's Value Folder family of affordably priced knives. They released three other knives in the line of varying sizes and people liked them a lot. The pivot is smooth yet snug. As a blueprint, I really like the Efficient. The signature Spyderco hole is what this knife, among other Spyderco knives, is known for. From “buy it, try it, or skip it, this is definitely a BUY IT. Support us! The blade finish, a bright satin, is very nice. It used to be knives north of the $330 “Sebenza Barrier” (the acclaimed Chris Reeve Sebenza knife) were rare. Sal says: "I like the Tenacious idea." Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife 3.38" 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade Green G10 Handle. I am pumped for 2017 and the Efficient is a big reason why. EFFICIENT VALUE FOLDER EDC Designed from the ground up as a member of Spyderco’s popular family of affordably priced full-service folding knives, the Efficient proudly includes all the high-performance features and benefits that savvy knife users have come to expect from Spyderco knives in a format that suits practically every budget. But it was cheap and unlike the Byrd line it felt like a real Spyderco. But as you have learned over the years, that phrases is a segue to explain a concern that has no functional impact. The Efficient is one of the few Chinese-made knives at Spyderco. In this knife review I review the new for 2016/2017 spyderco efficient. There are no written reviews. Check out the Spyderco custom knife modifications we do in-house. I also appreciate the liner lock and access cutout. The choil and jimping are very good. This, if you are keeping track at home, is the closest we have gotten to a knife with identical ratios. Kershaw Cryo 2 is praised for the design and features, most particularly the assisted opening mechanism. I am not saying I was right, but, time seems to agree with me and time, moreso than myself or Nutnfancy or even the internet as a whole, is the best judge of importance both in knife design and every other human endeavor. So when Spyderco released the Efficient, a knife fully in the design mode of the Tenacious, but with better ergos and a singular vision as a knife (as opposed to an amalgamation of knife features), I was stoked. If Kizer and Reate are proof that the Chinese can run with the big dogs at the top of the price range for production knives, the Efficient is proof they can do so lower down the price spectrum, too. The Efficient is a solid EDC folder in Spyderco's Value family of affordably priced knives. The half and half finger choil and the lack of an exposed rear tang instantly make it better than the Spyderco standard bearer. It also helps that this thing is devoid of harsh surfaces or sharp edges when closed. There are folks that still love the RAT series, Kabar Doziers, and some budget CRKTs, but the Tenacious knives seem to have faded away. A basic full flat grind is good here. The Spyderco Tenacious G-10 is a solid performer, edged out only by sophisticated products costing much more. But really, as with all knives, it is the shape of the handle and not any of these traction control crutches that make the knife good in hand. The difference is quite significant, nearly an inch. On the other hand, Spyderco Tenacious is known for the quality of the blade and handle. With a more cohesive and put together design than the Tenacious, the Efficient is a great knife. The overall size and shape is just right, a 3-inch blade, not uber wide in the pocket, and a great set of curves and cuts for your fingers to find their way. It features a compact, ergonomic design centered around a full-flat ground drop point blade made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. Here the pronounced cutout that allows for access to the Spyderhole gives you a perfect place to register your fingers. The cost of high-end production knives has risen dramatically. It used to be knives north of the $330 “Sebenza Barrier” (the acclaimed Chris Reeve Sebenza knife) were rare. As such, the performance ratios are thrown off a bit. But this is more than a bland, cost-friendly Spyderco (like the Tenacious). Here is a video review (good job Paul!). It's a very excellent addition slotting in between the Tenacious and Persistence, but with (to me) vastly superior ergonomics via the finger choil and a better handle; personally, I also prefer the cutout and no-jimping lockbar on the Efficient. It has also inspired demand for a smaller "gentleman's" version that carries even more discreetly. As part of one the strongest annual line ups ever to come out of Golden, this, as a herald of things to come, is VERY exciting. Best Bushcraft Blade? Read more…. It is a folder version of the Mors Kochanski continuous curve blade, as there is no real straight portion. Nothing noteworthy either way here. Only the heavy butt end keeps it out of the top tier occupied by folders like the Dragonfly II, the Mini Griptillian, and the Caly3. 8Cr is a decent steel, probably the epitome of a 1 steel, but this particular blade seemed awfully prone to scratching. It is solid, simple, and ready for your application. This is admittedly a preference and has zero impact on function, but I thought I would mention it as it did bother me. This is a real Spyderco with great ergonomics. Designed from the ground up as a member of Spyderco’s popular family of affordably priced full-service folding knives, the Efficient proudly includes all the high-performance features and benefits that savvy knife users have come to expect from Spyderco knives in a format that suits practically every budget. This is a humpless Spyderco—a rarity, and a benefit. As a starter for someone just beginning the expensive path of gear, it is a marvel. Its amorphous shape and finely finished handled scales add to the whole feel. Overalll, I was very very pleased with the grip on this knife. The blade:weight is .73 (3/4.10 ounces). This Efficient model has a plain edged black blade and a green G-10 handle.

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