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In addition, lemon verbena can be applied in order to assuage aching and symptoms of a cold sore. Lemon verbena not only has an amazing smell, it has amazing medicinal uses as all. These are the findings of a … [Read More...], A voracious appetite can be very annoying at times, as it not only causes psychological disturbance but also leads to physical disasters like obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc. Lemon verbena tea made by boiling the leaves is one of the best soothing teas I have had! Unfortunately, many find that once they settle down and find the right person, … [Read More...], Garlic has a variety of potent sulphur-containing compounds which are the reason for its characteristic pungent odour. Lemon Verbena Tea is a soothing, refreshing and natural caffeine-free tea full of health-boosting properties. Drinking tea, sugar-free of course, is generally beneficial as part of a weight-loss... 3) Reduces Stress. It also has a sedative effect when had, you can read the study that proves it. Lemon verbena is actually an entirely different plant. Lemon verbena extract showed strong antioxidant properties and, again, the study highlighted the verbascoside naturally found in the herb. Lemon verbena is used to make herbal teas and as a liqueur flavoring. It is usually used internally as an herbal tea which gives a number of healing benefits to the body, including alleviating digestive track spasms, fortifying the nervous system, lessening feverish colds and easing stress and tension. 2) ‎A Popular Natural Slimming Aid. Some people might be allergic to lemon verbena and if you are suffering from kidney disease please avoid use. [12] Thus, it can reduce pain and inflammation due to arthritis or achy muscle. I couldn’t find any research about it’s safety for pregnant and breast feeding mothers but it is usually considered safe if had in the proper dosage. For in-depth information on how to use this and other herbs and roots magically, I recommend Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic and Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs , both of which can be found in our Books section. In cooking, it is added to sorbets, drinks and ice creams. Reduces Inflammation. However, for a long time now, honey is being kept in many household for more than such purpose. It was named by Philibert Commerson, the French botanist, as Aloysia triphylla. Some of the important nutrition value contained in verbena leaves is terpenoids, volatile oils, … No matter what those promising ads on the TV might claim, the fact is that each person has a different skin type and … [Read More...], Most people spend a huge amount of time and energy, throughout their romantic relationships, trying to avoid pregnancy. Benefits of lemon verbena soap Eczema outbreaks usually cause a lot of skin … [Read More...], There’s no better foundation to a perfect make up than a naturally beautiful skin. Lemon verbena essential oil can be described in terms of these words – multipurpose miraculous oil. Lemon Verbena For Anxiety & Sleep: Lemon verbena tea is one of the best teas to be taken before bed time as it … The default choice for many people would be the wart removal treatments that are offered in … [Read More...], Eczema is a skin condition that many people of all ages suffer from. Onion is one of the most used vegetables in the kitchen. Massaging with it reduces inflammation and prevents skin infections. While these won’t necessarily remove heavily built-up … [Read More...], Most people’s primary goal is to feel happy. For instance, it is stored by many … [Read More...], Your email address will not be published. Lemon verbena is the South American sister of verbena. It is used in traditional medicine in Latin-American countries. It is easy to recognize it by its characteristic arrangement of leaves and intense lemon scent. Lemon Verbena (Ning Meng Ma Bian Cao) Botanical Name: Aloysia citrodora, Lippia citriodora Lemon verbena has the interesting property of being able to help protect muscles. Relieves Joint Pain As we age, taking care of the health of our joints is vital. Lemon verbena or the verbena leaves has been prized for its culinary. It’s botanical name is Aloysia Triphylla | Aloysia Citrodora. The presence of bioactive compounds that possess antioxidant properties causes lemon verbena essential oil to inhibit the formation of oxidation products in sunflower oil. Coming from the family of Verbenaceae, this tiny tree is quite a well-known substitute of chemical allopathic medications. Among the choices that are possible, … [Read More...], Sore throats abound. Lemon verbena is great for steaming, just add few leaves to boiling water and inhale the steam for treating headaches, congestion and sinus due to cold. 10 Amazing Benefits of Onions You Didn’t Know, 7 Unusual Ways To Boost your Health Naturally, Garlic For Prevention and Cure of Ear Infections, 6 Alkaline Foods and their Importance for Better Health, 10 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, 5 Ways to Naturally Help Alleviate Anxiety During Pregnancy, How Raw Honey is the Ultimate Survival Food. It is also very useful when it comes to curing asthmatic issues. Health Benefits of Lemon Verbena Weight Loss. A cup of warm tea made with fresh lemon verbena leaves is highly-recommended to help keep your... 2. Lemon verbena is thus a fragrant herb with volatile oils that possesses a soothing effect. Lemon verbena naturally occurs in the Americas and Europe. It has a lot of other therapeutic properties that can be utilized for various ailments which are discussed below in more details. A wonderfully fragrant refreshing tea that is very calming, one of the best teas to take before bed time. It has a balmy infusion which is made by soaking fresh lemon verbena leaves in fresh water for about 5 minutes. common herb with many popular culinary uses due to its lovely citrus smell and flavor While green tea is often suggested for those on a diet, lemon verbena is effective too. Lemon verbena Fresh verbena plant. Lemon verbena is popular for both its culinary and medicinal uses. Apart from that, lemon verbena essential oil also includes geranial, limonene, terpineol, myrcenene, isovalerianic acid, the flavonoids apigenin, luteolin and the list of its elements with curative abilities goes on and on. It also helps stimulate appetite and regulate spasms, digestion disorders and cramps. Lemon verbena is a shrub which is pale green in color and is characterized by its strong lemony scent. It is an effective cure for numerous health issues and sicknesses. Thus it is mainly used to enhance the taste of fruit salads. Its antispasmodic and analgesic properties make Lemon Verbena Oil beneficial for helping with all the minor aches and pains associated with daily life. Furthermore, it aids in calming palpitations and heart issues and allay bronchial and sinus congestion. Detoxing is a constant and vital process for removing free radicals and staying healthy. It is not like any other regular tea. The oil was historically steam-distilled from the leaves for use in the perfume industry, but it has skin-sensitising and phototoxic properties. With winter already dropping temperatures and the inevitable cold symptoms sneaking in, it's time to stock up on supplies to combat the result of infection, such as the painful … [Read More...], When you see warts, the first thing that you will surely think about would be how to get rid of them. The leaves and flowers of lemon verbena can be used to flavor beverages as well while its lemony aroma is commonly utilized in the preparation of a number of perfumes. You can opt for lemon verbena in case of a constant cough. Lemon-flavored jellies, cakes, drinks, and puddings often use lemon verbena, and some health benefits may be obtained from these preparations, but they will be greatly reduced compared to those obtained from consuming the leaves in medicinal forms, intended for either internal or external use. Lemon Verbena, Aloysia Triphylla, Vervain, Lippia Citriodora – no matter what one calls this hearty herb, one cannot deny the extraordinary properties of this phenomenal plant. It does a lot of wonders such as aiding in regulating women’s menstrual cycle along with the symptoms of PMS. The essential oil extract of this herb can be used to prepare soap that has healing properties. It concurrently acts as an effective anti-inflammatory and sedative that creates a de-stressing impact. Not all are used medicinally in the same ways as vervain. Lemon verbena can be used both internally and externally. Required fields are marked *. On the positive side, it is profoundly calming and soothing. However, if someone wishes to avoid a cup of herbal tea and yet acquire the relaxing benefits of this plant, alternative method exists for that purpose – adding lemon verbena to bath water. I boiled the fresh leaves with a small piece of ginger till the color of the water changed and then strained it. Several chemical compounds exist in this Tea, many of which can improve your life in small yet significant ways. Overview Information Verbena is a plant. Yet so many are brought to desperation because their desire seems elusive. The lemon verbena, which is also known as lemon beebrush, impresses with its lemon-like fragrance. The plant has white tiny blossoms with pointed and narrow leaves. One such herbalist friend is a dear old aunty who is well into her seventies but still her enthusiasm for herbs is amazing. It's a good idea to grow them by a pathway so passers by get that wonderful lemon scent when the … Lemon Verbena For Skin: Lemon verbena is rich in antioxidants and the essential oil mixed with a carrier oil can be... 2. Lemon Verbena Health Benefits: 1. Helps Repair Muscles The antioxidant properties of lemon verbena might help protect to neutrophils, a type of white... 2. Lemon verbena has anti pyretic properties and the tea can be used for treating cold & flu very effectively. The fragrance of the herb functions like a natural deodorant and perfume. It is native to Argentina and Chile but is now generally grown in the tropics and Europe. Not only can this ingredient make dishes more delicious, but it can actually boost the nutritional value of recipes. Also, as a medicinal plant, the herb is usually used in the form of a tea for sports injuries, cold or during breastfeeding. For many years it has been valued for its health-promoting properties, due to its refreshing aroma, it is also used in the cosmetics and perfumery industry. In this world of competition, the stress levels are moving high, causing hypertension to 1 out of … [Read More...], Being pregnant is a great, but it doesn’t come without difficulties either. Lemon verbena has anti-inflammatory properties as well as being neuroprotective; it may help protect the neurons from damage and prevent any number of possible conditions in the future. ( 2 ) Diffuse lemon verbena with chamomile also helps to relax your mind and body. This plant has got anti inflammatory, anti pyretic, anti spasmodic and sedative properties. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The antioxidant properties of this oil can also help reduce joint pain and speed up the healing process. Was brought to Europe in the 17th century and then began to … The leaves in the main picture are young leaves, the mature leaves are long and pointed (mine shed). Lemon Verbena brought from South America to Europe by Spanish explorers. Lemon Verbena has scented properties, and hence, it is ubiquitously used for making organic soaps and potpourri. These elements give lemon verbena essential oil antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, bactericidal, digestive, sedative, stomachic, tonic and various other properties. After nine weeks, the supplement takers showed a significant reduction in pain and stiffness as well as improved physical function. This is one of the unique qualities of this herb and one that you don’t often find in simple teas. Coming from the family of Verbenaceae, this tiny tree is quite a well-known substitute of chemical allopathic medications. Oxidative Stability Index (OSI) test revealed the superiority of essential oil of lemon verbena than the BHT, in preventing of oil oxidation. Laugh … [Read More...], Oil is an essential item in the kitchen because of its different applications. Lemon Verbena Tea Properties. Externally, one of the many roles of lemon verbena is to act as an anti-spasmodic and expectorant. This oil is known as citral and it also exists in lemon and other types of citrus plants. If you find yourself unable to sleep due to excessive tiredness, try taking a cup of warm lemon verbena tea, it will greatly help. Lemon verbena essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. The herb is a storehouse of... 3. Despite the similar common name and the fact that they are in the same family, LEMON VERBENA is not the same as Verbena, also known as Vervain.Their symbolism is opposed, too, for Verbena has uses as a love herb, while LEMON VERBENA, like Lemon and other Lemon-scented herbs, is said to break up old conditions and clear away unwanted things and people. Promotes Digestion. The parts that grow above ground are used to make medicine. Read on to know more about the health benefits associated with its use. Lemon Verbena Health Benefits 1) Detox & Immunity Boost. It has popularly been used as a food and flavoring additive but its ancient medicinal properties are once again being promoted as well. Properties lemon verbena. Lemon verbena release it’s wonderful citrusy fragrance very easily so it can be used to infuse vinegar. Lemon verbena is popular for its important therapeutic properties. However, although it is a popular and effective treatment for a range of illnesses, it should be noted that it cannot be a substitute of prescribed drugs, especially in critical cases. It aids in breaking down cellulite and therefore to create a calming, healing and toning impact on the skin. It also helps to lessen fever and colds with the aid of its antipyretic properties. Many claim that its flavor goes good particularly with mint, vanilla and most of the fruits. This … [Read More...], High blood pressure, though sounds to be very common, has shattering effects on our body and mind. It has the ability to break down cellulite, so offers a relaxing, healing, and toning effect to skin. Last time I met her, she introduced me to a herb called lemon verbena and she told me that it has a wonderful fresh lemony fragrance and that the tea made with the leaves is very refreshing. Later when I was researching about it, I was amazed to learn that this fragrant plant has wonderful anti inflammatory properties and has been used in some countries as a remedy for gout. Many people start the day fine but then lose they lose the steam by the time they reach their … [Read More...], It sounds weird but, it’s true that there are some unusual ways to boost your health naturally. Lemon verbena essential oil contains both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Gargling with a mixture of lemon verbena tea and crystal salt is one of the best remedies for throat inflammation. Thus, it benefits the respiratory system by ridding it of congestion. They form due to fluid build-up under your eyes, which could be caused by several reasons, including lack of sleep, stress, allergies and, let’s face it, … [Read More...], In a typical American diet, it is easy to tell that one may not enjoy a prolonged life span and will most likely suffer from a variety of health problems. The delicious aroma of lemon verbena is used today in many recipes. Though this plant is not commonly found in nurseries in India, you can order it through them. I added slightly bruised leaves to white vinegar and let it steep for a week. It can be added from simple dishes such as fruit salads, desserts and punches to more complicated ones such as baked custard and ice cream. Lemon Verbena is an aromatic deciduous plant that has strong fragrance of lemon. In order to make a flavorsome lemon verbena herbal tea, one must steep the leaves of lemon verbena in hot water to enhance the aroma and herbal properties of the herb. Having a cup of lemon verbena with fresh ginger will  greatly help with indigestion and flatulence. (It Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make!). It is an aromatic deciduous plant with lance-like leaves that possess a strong lemon fragrance and flavor which comes from an essential oil. Vervain herb is often confused with lemon verbena. You can also buy ready made lemon verbena tea bags here . Lemon verbena – Verbena family (Verbenaceae) is a native of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. It can further replace lemon in most cuisines containing chicken, fish, rice and salads. Nature Hacks - Natural Solutions For Everyday Life. Lemon verbena tea also boosts metabolism and helps to burn fat which makes it a wonderful addition to weight loss diet plans. Allicin, the vital compound among them, is known to have great anti-bacterial, … [Read More...], Corporate offices that are well-lit can result into having members of the workforce who have better physical activity, improved mental capacity, and better sleep quality. In case you are … [Read More...], Eye bags are a telltale sign of exhaustion. However, it is important to note that the tea will also be slightly sedative. I used fresh leaves for making the tea but you can use dried leaves too. This is an especially common problem for … [Read More...], For many people, honey is most probably known as a natural sweetener. The most critical are its vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants, which, when combined, lead to most of the Lemon Verbena benefits we’ll be talking about below. Helpful in Congestion. Health Benefits Of Lemon Verbena 1. At home, it reaches up to 3 meters in height, and the culture is typically less than 80 cm.

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