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Hi Victor, But I do have a comparison page for your reference: Yes Khadija it is different. I have to say that locally the Indian CMA is likely better, as in other parts of the world, the local qualification is the most relevant for local companies. These centers are available in major cities in India. Can i be nominated by my professors for the student scholarship offered by ima,as i have recently completed 2nd year bachelors.and ima preferring 3 rd year of bachelors.and the deadline being june 1st. As long as you would like your CMA certification to remain active, you must continue to pay for the annual IMA membership. The costs involved are quite a lot, and this would help me spread the costs out over time. Why would any one want to register himself under “standard candidate” category because it is expensive? Please refer to this page for details: While the CMA entrance fee is required, it also provides you with benefits outside of entrance into the CMA program. middle east) or a specific segment of candidates they are targeting at the time. But I don’t know about CMA. 2. Is it possible to pursue my CMA career from Qatar. I have question regarding my work experience.I have worked more than 2 years financial analyst and chief accountant not in usa. Hoping for your answers as soon as possible. Hi stephanie, Can i register on student package? The discount offer is pretty random and from my observation, they are mostly given to Middle East candidates. Remember, the costs are always going to be worth it if they get you to your career goal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Ryan, it looks generally fine, and I have answered your questions in several pages. Regards, Stephanie. course.I also studying ACCA skill level. Hope this helps! I have always worked in corporate finance. I am staying in Mumbai, India. To become a CMA, candidates must meet the professional requirements set by the U.S.-based Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and pass the two-part CMA Exam. Choose the membership level that fits your needs today! Shall we say the exam is Jan & Feb., can I take the part 1 in Feb instead in Jan.? Please could you provide the link of the video you are mentioning. I also have this downloadable excel file that you can use to estimate how much time you need, based on the number of hours each day/each week you can commit in the studying:, Hi stephanie, At first I express my gratitude for the great service your providing to enlighten us about CMA. Hi Hasan, There is no reason to keep something that in my practice today has no value. Hi Stephanie, But to answer your remaining questions: Hello Stephanie Stephanie. People who work in this profession and get their CMA certification will automatically earn more than those who do not. The entrance fee for the CMA program is: $188 for students; $250 for professionals 4) If their is an articleship has to complete, is it to complete before inter exam or final exam. Therefore fee mentioned in above table is for IMA professional members. See this as a cost that we all need to pay for IMA to promote the certification for us. Regards, Rajib, Hi Rajib, you are most welcome! I think it costs the same in terms of exam registration fee. Unfortunately I didn’t use the promo code and ended up paying full fees. In South Asia there seem to be more people quitting their jobs for studying but I don’t think this is needed at all. kindly provide me the full address plus the contact no of the institute in case it is there/ The fees are compulsory and you pay for the rest of your career. Through which category I should register myself? Hi Marine, It is valid for 3 years). Hi Masudul, your article was really helpful. Hi Maria, you can start with this post: Cheers, Stephanie, Thank you Stephanie, isn’t it hard to keep paying for membership long-life to validating your certification , is that normal comparing with other professional certifications like cima, cpa, mba, etc. Looking forward to seeing you in the CMA community! Most if not all of your questions are answered there: The steps are the same regardless of where you live. Dear Anand, theres this offer valid till 1/2/2015, page: They don’t seem to give out general discounts nowadays, but if I get one I post it on this page: This site uses cookies, including third-party cookies, to improve your experience and deliver personalized content. Yes Sarath, although in order to get the CMA certification, you’ll have to accumulate two years of full-time work experience. In addition, I highly recommend you follow our advice for study and review courses, so you can prepare with the best materials available. As per Regulation 7(5)(a) of Cost and Works Accountants Regulations, 1959, the Annual Fee for Certificate of Practice becomes due on 1st April each year. Hi Merly, For Professional Members, the CMA entrance fee is $250. CMA membership will make you part of a worldwide ministry that is dedicated to reaching people for Christ in the highways and byways through the avenue of motorcycling. 2) secondly I have heard of CIMA London and CMA US is there any affiliation between two. Its weighting and focus breaks down like so: 1. which you think is better and will be benefitial in terms of future. For international candidates I think the best way to go is to get the self-study courses, because their quality is guaranteed to be the same as those got by the US domestic candidates. I would like to pursue CMA for my further career . IMA used to have that ($100 off I believe) but no longer as far as I know. Hi Akash, you can learn about the review courses (and the pricing) here:, Hi, I just wrote paper 2 in February 26,2016 but I didn’t get 50 percent for multiple choice questions…I have registered under student scheme and I have purchased bundled offer which said 2 exams per window.When I asked IMA they said I have to register paper 2 again for writing in next window paying full amount. Hi dear, It is open to bachelor degree holders (or current students) in all discipline. Iam a Middle level financial Proffessional hailing from India, working in Dubai. CMA entrance fee vary from type of membership. I am MBA (Finance) with experience of Cost Accounting and Financial Analysis in service industry (Telecom Sector). I believe you are referring to the offer posted on my facebook page: Now, if you’re looking for a way to save on the CMA exam fees and related costs, you’ve come to the right place. Cost and dedication is required for every thing…. Which you feel is a ideal one. Both qualification is valuable but their recognition really depends on the region. Unlike the IMA membership fee, the CMA entrance fee is a one-time fee you’ll pay when you’re ready to become CMA certified. Kindly advice. Thanks for you effective efforts, I am living in Afghanistan, i am studding business with specialization in finance and accounting and it is my last semester and since 2014 I worked as finance officer and audit assistant. That said, most people will still want to know what kind of fees they are looking at before they get into it. You may want to check with IMA for other payment methods. The registration process & the payment procedure seemed complex to me. Does the center selection after making the payment But i prefer not to pay the IMA fees to a 3rd party, however i prefer to make the payment to IMA direclty using my credit card. On your questions: On the IMA fees, it is listed above. Stephanie. When I start to enroll in the CMA program, the step 2 asked me to choose a chapter between a) UK chapter, or b) large chapter. I don’t think back dates are allowed because practically, everyone was student before so everyone would have taken the student package if that is the case. This indicates the degree of confidence the members of the accounting profession have placed in the Institute justifying the need for a professional management accounting body in Sri Lanka. I am going to Canada for a job . Also, you must pay the CMA examination fee for each part of the CMA exam you take. Regards, Stephanie. Hoping you enlighten me with this. Hi Ravi, thanks for your note. We recommend that you wait to pay the CMA Entrance Fee and register for the exam until 6-8 weeks before you are ready to sit for your first exam part, for two reasons: You have 3 years from the time you pay your entrance fee to pass both parts. My name is Rahul Kumar from India (Delhi) and working as Sr. If i create a member from now i can attend the cma exam over 1 year ?

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