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[13] However, these temperatures have never been confirmed, and are currently considered to have been recorder's errors,[14] thus not being recognised as world records. Use escape to clear. Of course, as expected, the coldest temperature in the U.S. was set in Alaska. Peter Sinks, Utah –east of Logan– broke the Lower-48’s cold temperature record for the month of October on Monday morning with a staggering reading of minus 35 degrees. Next appears the lowest temperature (in both Fahrenheit and Celsius) ever recorded in that state, followed by the date the record low was set. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the USA was −62.2 °C (−80 °F) in Prospect Creek in Alaska. And yet, on Jan. 7, 1971, … Vostock, Amundsen-Scott, and Dome Argus lie in Antarctica.Meanwhile, Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon in Yakuta, North Ice in Greenland, Ust-Sceyer in Shchugor, Komi Republic, Russia, and the Alaskan Snag, Yukon, Canada, and Prospect Creek in the USA lie within the Arctic Circle. [2], Satellite measurements of the surface temperature of Antarctica, taken between 1982 and 2013, found a coldest temperature of −93.2 °C (−135.8 °F) on 10 August 2010, at 81°48′S 59°18′E / 81.8°S 59.3°E / -81.8; 59.3. The former highest official temperature on Earth (held for 90 years by 'Aziziya, Libya) was reassessed in July 2012 by the WMO which published a report that invalidated the record. A reading of 50.1 °C (122.2 °F) in Vioolsdrif on 28 November 2019 was declared invalid by the South African Weather Service. The coldest low temperature the city has ever seen was -27 degrees, which happened on Jan. 20, 1985. Montana is also home to the lowest temperature ever documented for the contiguous US, minus 70 °F (-56.7 °C) on January 20, 1954 at Rogers Pass. Though the report did not give a … [12] 2016 and 2017 readings in Kuwait and Iran have also matched the 2013 Death Valley record. Температура воздуха и осадки. Elevation: … When taking a close look at the data there are some surprises. Bismarck-30-43-45-45. These records go back to 1893, with a lot of gaps before 1948. On Sept. 13, 1922, an astoundingly high temperature of 136 F (58 C) was recorded in El Azizia, Libya (also spelled Al 'Aziziyah). How to use this page. Even Florida dropped to 2 degrees below zero on Feb. 13, 1899, in Tallahassee. A disputed record temperature of 42.9 °C (109.2 °F) was measured on 24 July 2019 in, On 16 January 1889, a temperature of 53 °C (128 °F) was recorded at, According to Christopher Burt, South America's hottest reliably measured temperature is 47.3 °C (117.1 °F) at. By Vijayalaxmi Kinhal on April 25 2017 in World Facts. To search for a specific date, surround the date with quotes: "Aug 01" ", "Time to Update World's Driest and Wettest Locations? Coldest: -80°F, January 23, 1971, in Prospect Creek. If that sounds cold, get this — the coldest temperature ever recorded in the country was in Alaska 48 years ago, when thermometers read 80 degrees below … pop. Bird International Airport", "Confirmed: 2016 the Warmest Year in History of Global Recordkeeping", "Greenland witnessed its highest June temperature ever recorded on Thursday", "More record lows since 1937 than record highs", "Datos metorologicos de los departamentos", "Early Summer Heat Broils Northern Hemisphere", "Extreme temperature scenarios in Mexicali, Mexico under climate change conditions". The western U.S. was blasted by a yet ANOTHER brutal Arctic air mass yesterday, Oct 28, with this one delivering the COLDEST TEMPERATURE EVER RECORDED IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. Every state in the U.S. has an all-time maximum temperature of … Thank you for inspiring us! The coldest place in Canada based on average yearly temperature is Eureka, Nunavut, where the temperature averages at −19.7 °C or −3.5 °F for the year. as possible problems with the reading have since been discovered. South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana all have dropped to the teens below zero, while Tennessee has seen the mercury plunge as low as 32 degrees below zero. Missouri Interactive Map of Historical Record High and Low Temperatures The United States is a massive country with various temperatures depending on the state and time of the year. The high temperature of 118.4°F (48.0°C) was reached on July 10, 1977 in Athens as well as in the town of Elefsina, which is situated just northwest of Athens. How cold does it get in North Dakota? 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The WMO has stated they stand by the 1913 record pending any future investigations. 9 Ways to Tell the Difference. Illinois, Indiana and Ohio all have records in the 30-degree below zero range, while Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa have records that range from 45 to 55 degrees subzero. The lowest temperature in the northern hemisphere is -67.7°C (-90°F), recorded in Oymyakon (63°28'N, 142°23'E; 2018 est. The first option will be automatically selected. The former world record was 43.3 °C (110 °F) set on 5 July 1918, in Death Valley, California. Since then, many questions have come about wondering the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the United States. Temperature reached on multiple occasions; this is the most recent. The final column displays the city, town or other location where the record low occurred. Records in the South are colder than you might expect. The Lut Desert was also found to have the highest maximum temperature in 5 of the 7 years measured (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009). Don't Edit −25.6 °C: Please let us know as comment, if the answer is not correct!

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