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There are some toggle bolt drywall anchors on the market that can hold as much as 300 pounds of weight. tubular plastic anchors hold firmly, whether there’s drywall or cement backer board behind the tile. Plastic Toggle Anchors are made of polypropylene. Insert key to pop anchor open and lock behind hollow wall. You also get 10 plastic toggle anchors. And of course, you get matching screws for all the anchors. Insert anchor in hole and tap flush with wall. offers 364 plastic toggle anchors products. Available sizes are from #4-6 to #14-16. Cixi Hexie Fastener Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of plastic anchors, hollow wall anchors, cable clips, anchor kits, toggle bolts, wedge anchors and heavy duty shield anchors. But can they be trusted to bear the rated weight? Add To Cart. A toggle bolt can support upward of 300 pounds. Hammer Drive Anchors. The toggle bolt's wing spreads the force over a larger load bearing surface and comes attached to a machine screw. They are the strongest when used in a solid material, such as concrete. They are much less expensive to manufacture than metal anchors, but offer more than double the strength of plastic expansion anchors. Vinyl Plastic Plug Kits (4) Can be used in concrete, brick, or stone. View Details. We were skeptical. I bought drywall anchors to hang a curtain rod, and followed the directions on the package (use 1/4" drill bit to make the hole for the anchor, then push it in). x 2 in. Light Duty Anchors; Used for Attaching Termination Bar to Hard Materials. © 2020 Mechanical Plastics Corp. All Rights Reserved. The Cobra designed Plastic Screw Anchors are one of the most universally used anchors in the hardware market. TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE BA Toggle Anchor with Bolts, Zinc-Plated Steel Channel, Made in US, 3/8" to 3-5/8" Grip Range, For 3/16"-24 UNC Fastener Size (Pack of 10) 4.7 out of 5 stars 785 Misc. Medium-heavy objects, such as mirrors and or shelving, should be hung using toggle bolts. Find Toggle bolt anchors at Lowe's today. Click on an item # for more detailed information. Home Hardware Assortment, 600 Pc. The anchor is made from polypropylene that resists corrosion, is nonconductive for anchoring electrical components, … Plastic Anchors. Storehouse. Check out our range of Hollow Wall Anchors products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Phillips Zinc-Plated Alloy Flat-Head Anchors with Screws (20-Pack) with 249 reviews. Storehouse. The industry standard original …. This special type of plastic anchor is a compromise between strength and cost. To install, first drill an appropriately-sized hole in the drywall. TOGGLER plastic toggle anchors provide vibration-proof anchoring of light to medium loads in hollow walls & ceilings, but also hold securely when they encounter an unexpected solid, such as a wooden stud, or when performing as wedge anchors in materials with thicknesses above their normal wall grip range. Improvements in the original design have increased holding strength and abuse resistance. The Poly-Toggle anchor is available in 6 sizes to match the most common wall thicknesses of hollow base materials. Epoxy mixing nozzles unique design evenly mixes the 2-part epoxy, Single-piece and easy to install in wet concrete, Includes a locking retainer clip so shelves don't tip, even with uneven loads, Ideal for use with shelving systems like ClosetMaid, Perfect for closet systems and kitchen, garage or workshop shelves, Built-in spacer holds the pegboard the proper distance from the wall to allow peg hooks to work, Eliminates need for furring strips, saving time and money, Built-in spacer prevents the anchor from being jacked out of the wall during installation, Can be used on warm or wet walls when ventilation is needed behind the installed object. Toggle bolts are the traditional anchor method. SnapSkru® Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors, POWER-Skru™ Large Diameter Concrete Screw, Hang paintings, prints, mirrors, etc. Available sizes are from #4-6 to #14-16. Anchor Use. Visit us today for the widest range of Wall & Floor Anchors products. Expansion Pin Anchors. Here are the key shots from … A 1/8 toggle can hold 30 pounds on 1/2-inch drywall and a 3/8-inch toggle can handle a hefty 50 pounds or more safely. A plastic anchor is mostly going to be used for drywall applications. High-Strength Twist-Resistant Plastic Anchors for Block and Brick. Holding arms have been thickened and strengthened without increasing the insertion hole size, and major stress points have been significantly reinforced without increasing anchor size. These light duty anchors are used in hollow walls, and are held in … Color coded diameters. View Details. It's limited by the strength of the drywall itself, which will probably break before the bolt fails. The sleeve has wings that expand and anchor to the back of the drywall. Not Available for Delivery . Epoxy mixing nozzles unique design evenly mixes the 2-part epoxy, Single-piece and easy to install in wet concrete, Specially formulated non-corrodible polypropylene, Strongest of all plastic toggle anchors—reinforces the wall or ceiling & leads the load away from the hole, Vibration & shock proof—won’t damage walls or ceiling, Can use a screw gun—anti-rotation fins prevent spinning, Accepts greatest range of screw sizes in each anchor, Screw can be removed and reinserted in same anchor without loss of holding power, Corrosion-proof when used with stainless steel screws, All TOGGLER anchors are constructed completely out of inert, non-toxic materials. 18 Piece Toggle Bolt Assortment $ 4 38. Medium or Heavy Duty Anchors Used in Concrete & Block. Find high quality Plastic Toggle Drywall Anchors Suppliers on Alibaba. The more heavily “ribbed” anchors have greater gripping ability. Overview More details Filter Start Over. View … © 2020 Mechanical Plastics Corp. All Rights Reserved. SnapSkru® Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors, POWER-Skru™ Large Diameter Concrete Screw, Hang paintings, prints, mirrors, etc. > Anchors > All Plastic Toggles; Plastic Toggles Filter. Light-duty anchors for mechanical, electrical and interior finishing fastenings in materials such as drywall, gas concrete and masonry All prices discounted net. Enlarge the original anchor holes with a 1/4-in. Gravity Based Anchors; Often Used for Overhead Applications. 12 Products All prices discounted net. On tile, 1/4-in. The Strap-Toggle is a pre-assembled anchor consisting of a carbon steel wing and a locking cap/ratchet leg assembly molded from engineered plastic. Also available in Kits. 16 Products All prices discounted net. Paulin 1/4 Toggler Snap Toggle (8) $4. The TOGGLER Toggle TA hollow-door anchor provides a firm hold in 1/8"- to 1/4"-thick hollow-core doors and thin panels, and is made in USA. Plastic anchors are used with tapping or wood screws, plastic anchors expand as the screw is installed, creating a light duty hold in a variety of materials. The plastic anchor has notched wings with two expansion points to prevent the anchor from rotating as the screw is inserted. Light Duty Anchors; Used for Attaching Termination Bar to Hard Materials. quickly, easily and securely Specially-designed, built-in hook holds the weight of the application on the screw, not below it Compare. Hammer Drive Anchors. Vinyl Plastic Plug Kits (4) Can be used in concrete, brick, or stone. Stud anchors w/ nuts and washers; Sleeve anchors; Lag shields; Machine screw anchors; Drop-in anchors; Double expansion sleeves; Concrete screws; Spring toggle wings; Plastic toggle anchors. quickly, easily and securely, Specially-designed, built-in hook holds the weight of the application on the screw, not below it, Provides maximum holding and prevents pull-out, Carry twice the load than standard wing anchors, Smallest installation hole for each bolt size, Provide superior holding with metal-to-metal fastening, Unique locking action resists vibration and shock, Strongest holding of all self-drilling drywall anchors, Holds securely even in hollow walls or ceilings, 5/16” drill hole required for installation, Length identification code stamped on each anchor, Use for light to normal weight concrete and solid masonry, Minimize wedge loosening under vibratory load, From lightweight concrete and hollow masonry to normal weight concrete and solid masonry applications, Yellow dichromate finish is corrosion resistant, For use in concrete, block, brick or stone, Ideal for light-duty and tamper-resistant applications, For use in concrete, grout-filled block, or masonry, Heat treatment provides surface and core hardness, Serrated head facilitates a positive lock, For steel purlins, lightweight to normal weight concrete, wood & timber, hollow core and concrete plank applications, Offers consistent holding power in shallow embedment, Allows easy removability for service work, Wedge performance with the convenience of drop-in, Holding power unaffected if bolt is removed and replaced, Expands fully to provide high gripping power, Ideal for concrete, masonry and mortar joints, Zamac alloy finish is corrosion resistant, For use with a machine bolt in concrete, block, brick or stone, Setting tool provided in each box of anchors, For wallboard and drywall 3/8” – 1”, Carbide-tipped drill bit for Wej-Con Screws, Carbide-tipped drill bit with 6 cutting edges, Exclusive FRICTION-FIT™ allows immediate fastening, Bonds to smooth diamond core drilled holes, Solvent-free, allowing for greater flexibility, High-quality adhesive dispensing tools provide reliable and accurate functionality on the job site, Color of dispensing tool subject to change.

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