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Barr Smith Library South Australia 5005 Australia, Phone: +61 8 8313 5224spark.collections@adelaide.edu.au, The University of Adelaide The family left Adelaide in 1909. 1909-2010? [3] The mineral Braggite is named after him and his son. 0.5 cm.Contains photocopied correspondence regarding William Henry Bragg's research including correspondence from William Henry Bragg to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds.00234 William Henry Bragg - Univeristy of Leeds - 'Tony North. 1914-1995 1 cm.Includes photocopied letters from Lord Fisher [John Arbuthnot Fisher] to the Prime Minister [David Lloyd George] on the threat from German submarines.Also extracts from a memorandum presented by Lord Fisher to the Prime Minister entitled "The Submarine"; and reports from the Board of Invention and Research and minutes from the War Cabinet on the "submarine menace".00259 UK Naval History - Royal Navy - Anti submarine devices. Adelaide, South Australia, 5005 Australia. Also a document entitled ‘Eastern European Holiday, John and Constance Jenkin, Sept./October 2004’ detailing John Jenkin's trip which included a visit to Gallipoli.00008 Robert Charles Bragg: Gallipoli maps (1901-1915?) Also includes photocopied invitation to the opening, and programme of proceedings.00245 William Henry Bragg - University of Leeds - memorial plaque. 35, May 1983), and photocopies of sections of publications. 1996-1998 0.5 cm.Contains correspondence between John Jenkin and the Assistant Editor of the Oxford Companion to Australian History regarding an entry written by John Jenkin on William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg, with entry attached.00271 William Henry Bragg - William Lawrence Bragg - Minerva re Nobel Prize - Bragg family correspondence. William Henry Bragg and The University of Adelaide. 1914-2010? In 1915 he shared the Nobel Prize for physics with his son, William Lawrence Bragg. 2 cm.Includes photocopies of sections from various publications on mathematics at Cambridge, mathematics exams, and related topics, with some correspondence and notes.00052 William Henry Bragg: Cambridge-Tripos exam papers (1884-2003) 1 cm.Contains copies of three Mathematical Tripos exam papers-Part I and Part II from 1884, and Part III from 1885-with one page of handwritten notes and a letter regarding the exam papers sent to John Jenkin in 2003.00053 William Henry Bragg: Cambridge-Mathematical Tripos-: Pts I and II June 1884-Part III January 1885 (1879-c. 1983) 1.5 cm.Includes copies of sections from student guides, the Cambridge University Calendar, statutes and ordinances, and the Cambridge University reporter, related to mathematical Tripos from 1879 and the 1880s. 1906-2009 1 cm.Contains articles and correspondence regarding William Henry Bragg's work on antisubmarine harbour defences and "Indicator Loops".Includes photocopy of a letter from William Henry Bragg to his wife Gwendoline Bragg from Hawkcraig Experimental Station; and correspondence between Ernest Rutherford, Joseph John Thomson and Richard Threllfall.Also includes "Report on Detection of Enemy Submarines by Acoustic Methods" by Joseph John Thomson.00255 William Henry Bragg - WWI work - CBE – KBE. 1921-1996 3 cm.Includes photocopy of special edition of the Journal of the Royal Naval Scientific Service in commemoration of Albert Beaumont Wood.Also photocopied articles written by Albert Beaumont Wood entitled: "A Textbook of Sound", "A Radio-Acoustic Method of Locating Positions at Sea" and "On 'Light Body' Hydrophones and the Directional Properties of Microphones".00263 Albert Beaumont Wood - RI MS WHB 37A - Wood Correspondence. Also two King William's College publications: a booklet to celebrate 150 years of the school (1833-1983), and a prospectus from c.1983. (Adrian refers to Lady Adrian, the granddaughter of William Henry Bragg)Typed transcriptions of correspondence including: between W. H. Bragg, his wife Gwendoline Bragg, and their son William Lawrence Bragg regarding the death of Robert Charles Bragg; and Robert Bragg's letters from Oundle, Trinity, from camp with King Edward's Horse, and as 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery, primarily written to members of his family.Also includes notes, a small number of photocopied photographs, emails between Lady Adrian and John Jenkin, and other papers.00005 Robert Charles Bragg: Darwin 0.5 cm.Contains photocopies from two books on Charles Darwin (1997, 2001). je bio britanski fizičar, kemičar i matematičar te dobitnik Nobelove nagrade za fiziku 1915. godine zbog rada na analizi strukture kristala pomoću X-zraka.Nagradu je podijelio sa sinom, Williamom Lawrenceom Braggom, što je jedinstven slučaj u povijesti Nobelove nagrade.U njegovu je čast imenovan mineral braggit. 2005-2007 1 cm.Includes copy of "Apologia pro Vita Mea and Early Reminiscences of Barr and Stroud Rangefinders" by Professor William Stroud and a copy of the History of Physics Group 2006 Newsletter which contains an article entitled "The Braggs and Astbury: Leeds and the beginning of molecular biology" by Tony North.00236 William Henry Bragg - Leeds (X-ray Crystallography) - The Bragg Notebook. Stoner, Cavendish Professor of Physics, on William Henry Bragg.00235 William Henry Bragg - Stroud [Professor William Stroud] – Leeds. 1978-2006 5 cm.Includes various photocopied articles on scientific developments during the First World War, particularly relating to submarine detection and the Board of Invention and Research.00262 Albert Beaumont Wood. His father was a naval captain. Primary material includes marriage, birth and death certificates, school lists and exam papers. 1971-2005 0.5 cm.Contains research material on houses and areas in which William Henry Bragg lived while at the University of Leeds. 1982-1987 0.5 cm.Contains correspondence between John Jenkin and the University Archivist at University of Leeds regarding his forthcoming visit to Leeds and material he would like to consult.00230 William Henry Bragg - Leeds - Smithells [Professor Arthur Smithells] Collection, University of Leeds. ), Australian-born British physicist and X-ray crystallographer, discoverer (1912) of the Bragg law of X-ray diffraction, which is basic for the determination of crystal structure. William married Gwendolyn Todd, daughter of Sir Charles Todd in 1890 and settled in North Adelaide, where their two sons were born: William Lawrence and Robert Charles Bragg. 1903-2005 0.5 cm.Includes photocopied extracts from the University of Leeds Annual Reports 1903-15 regarding the Faculty of Science, Physics Department and William Henry Bragg. 1.5 cm Includes brochures on St Michael's Parish Church, Workington, and St. Hilda's Parish Church, Westward; correspondence with Cumbria City Council and others; and an unmarked envelope containing a tea towel printed for the bicentenary of St. Hilda's Church, Westward, in 1985 which includes a picture with the caption ‘Stoneraise: Birthplace of Sir William Bragg Nobel Prize Winner’.00032 William Henry Bragg: Cumberland: Robert John Bragg and Stoneraise Place (1987-2004) 1.5 cmIncludes correspondence from 1987 arranging a visit by John Jenkin to Stoneraise Place, original and photocopied handwritten research notes with details of John Jenkin's trip to Cumbria in 1987, hand-drawn illustrations, and other notes. 1929-1983 1 cm.Includes correspondence between John Jenkin and University College London regarding material held on William Henry Bragg; photocopied articles on the history of the Department of Physics within University College London.Also biography of Kathleen Lonsdale, fellow of the Royal Society of London.00275 William Henry Bragg - University College London – Publications. 1910?-1983 0.5 cm.Contains research on material held on William Henry Bragg at the Central Filing Office, University of Leeds. 2 cm.Includes transcribed correspondence, photocopied illustrations and extracts from publications, emails, notes and journals referring to or related to the sinking of the Waratah in 1909.00012 William Henry Bragg: Waratah (Ship) Lloyd's and Inquiry c. 1910-1984 1 cm. 1912-2010 5 cm.Includes list of William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg's publications on X-ray Crystallography, 1912-1915; and various photocopied articles on X-rays and crystals mostly by William Henry Bragg.00240 William Henry Bragg - Leeds (X-ray Crystallography) - Paul P. Ewald. [Order of Merit] 1931.Also includes article by Paul P. Ewald marking the seventieth birthday of William Henry Bragg.00277 William Henry Bragg - William Lawrence Bragg – Broadcasts. Includes printed website pages, an unmarked colour photograph of the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the house, related correspondence and other papers regarding the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone, a transcript of the Certificate of Title, and other papers.00017 William Henry Bragg: residences in Adelaide: East Terrace (c. 1899-c. 1999) 1 cm.Papers related to William Henry Bragg's house on East Terrace, referred to in some papers as ‘Catherwood House’. British scientist William Bragg pioneered solid-state physics, and conducted early and important research on the determination of crystal structures. WWI- consists of material relating to William Henry Bragg during the First World War, particularly in relation to his work attempting to detect German submarines by listening underwater for the sound of their engines. Publicații selecționate. Sir William Bragg, in full Sir William Henry Bragg, (born July 2, 1862, Wigton, Cumberland, Eng.—died March 12, 1942, London), pioneer British scientist in solid-state physics who was a joint winner (with his son Sir Lawrence Bragg) of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1915 for his research on the … Also includes archival information on "The Bragg Notebook" from the University of Leeds Special Collections website.00237 William Henry Bragg - Leeds (X-ray Crystallography) - William Lawrence Bragg - Leeds Research Notebooks. 1 cm.This folder is divided into two sections: Also includes article by L. Vegard on the Polarisation of X-rays; an obituary of William Thomas Astbury; transcribed correspondence regarding William Lawrence Bragg's candidature for the Royal Society; research notes on William Henry Bragg's involvement with the Philosophy and Literature Society; citation for Bragg’s election to the Royal Society and article re Bragg’s denial of Presidency.00232 William Henry Bragg - University of Leeds - Calendars and Annual Reports. The mineral Braggite is named after him and his son. Bragg is to be found in both this collection and in the William Lawrence Bragg collection, which is also at the Royal Institution. at Leeds. 1913-1985 0.5 cm.Contains correspondence between John Jenkin and Elizabeth Crawford on William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg's nomination for the Nobel Prize for Physics 1913-1915, including list of nominations 1913-1915.00270 William Henry Bragg - William Lawrence Bragg - Minerva re Nobel Prize - Oxford Companion to Australian History. The remainder follows the early part of William Henry Bragg's life prior to his departure for Australia, largely relating to his education. 1962-1992 2 cm. 1942 Obituary. Sir William Henry Bragg OM KBE PRS (2 Julie 1862 – 12 Mairch 1942) wis a Breetish pheesicist, chemist, mathematician an active sportsman wha uniquely shared a Nobel Prize wi his son William Lawrence Bragg – the 1915 Nobel Prize in Pheesics: "for thair services in the analysis o creestal structur bi means o X-rays". Material in this Series includes background information on William Henry Bragg's extended family, and particularly his youngest son Robert Charles Bragg who was killed at Gallipoli during the First World War. Sir William Henry Bragg was Professor of Physics and Mathematics, University of Adelaide 1886-1909, Professor at the University of Leeds 1909-1915, and University College, London 1915-1923, and Director of the Royal Institution to 1942. Research - consists of material collected by John Jenkin relating to William Henry Bragg and the University of Leeds. Includes tourist guides to Bolton Abbey, map of area around Bolton Abbey highlighting places William Henry Bragg visited, sketches of Deerstones cottage, loose notes and related correspondence to and from John Jenkin.00228 William Henry Bragg - memorial at Leeds. Also a list of members of the Bragg and Wood families, their years of death, and notes and correspondence regarding the location of their graves.00034 William Henry Bragg: Harborough District-Official Guide, and other papers (1963-1984) 1 cm.Includes brochures on the Harborough District, Market Harborough and its Parish Church, and copies of maps and information re Market Harborough plaque.00035 William Henry Bragg: Market Harborough-Newspaper Cuttings (JJ, 1984); Correspondence re: photos (1984-1986) 0.5 cmIncludes correspondence regarding photographs, and copies of two newspaper articles: 00036 William Henry Bragg: Market Harborough-BMD certificates-Census Data (1828-1987) 0.5 cmCopies of documents related to William Bragg Bragg (William Henry Bragg's uncle), including the certificate of his marriage to Anne Irving in 1855, and the register of his baptism in 1828. Also a brochure entitled ‘Newspapers in the British Library’, and research notes taken by John Jenkin on a visit to the British Library Newspaper Library in January 1984.00039 William Henry Bragg: Guildhall London re: Market Harborough Grammar School (1837-1984) 1 cm.Includes correspondence with the Corporation of London Records Office, research notes, and the ‘Scheme for the Government of the Grammar School, Market Harborough. - University of British Columbia - King's College London - University of Edinburgh - then University College, London. Includes: photocopy of an article entitled "The Cavendish Giant" on William Henry Bragg which appeared in "The Reporter", a regular staff publication; a copy of a lecture on William Henry Bragg's life given in 1975 by Professor A.C.T.

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