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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. I briefly fell in with this group of dudes in high school. On this day 132 years ago the two of the most memorable actions of the Zulu war took place The Battle of Isandlwana and the Battle of Rorke's Drift. Please find it for me. He said he knew he had something special in Derek Jeter because Jeter still hadn't shaved. "Because we're here, lad. A few years after Zulu, this restraint came off when Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch (1969) deliberately introduced more realism into cinematic slaughter. Vernon, New York, under the shadow of Yankee Stadium, 16-year old Lad Handelman left a questionable future in the Bronx to move west and become a … Your self-care is your responsibility, nobody else’s. Caine was part of an all-British cast, led by the magnificent home-grown talents of Stanley Baker and Jack Hawkins. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with activist Frank Nitty about Friday's March on Washington and the activist's 25-day walk from Milwaukee to get there. The practice of quoting from movies, to make a point to your mates, may have started during the Vietnam War. Playing Bromhead, one of the two lieutenants who commanded the Rorke’s Drift defence, shot the then little-known Caine into the big time. The Zulus’ final haunting song saluting ‘fellow braves’ did not  happen, any more than a stirring rendition of Men Of Harlech sounded out in wonderful Welsh baritones from the barricades. It’s giving. It would get worse, with whole episodes of Britain’s wars regularly hijacked and Americanised in a way that left British viewers grumbling into their beer about blatant  misportrayals of our past. This may seem like it comes from the Dads thread, but it's apropos here. Our review. Actually, all I know about the practice is that in 1965, as a Trainee Undergoing Recruit Disciple at MCRD San Diego, I started reciting a line from the movie Zulu (an film account of a 1879 battle between 100 British troops … The outcome never changes, but its impact is never dulled as wave after wave of black warriors heroically hurl themselves at barricades manned just as heroically by white men in scarlet tunics and gleaming white pith helmets. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the film Zulu, which depicts the Battle of Rorke's Drift in 1879. But this was a country whose black population was so held back that those extras had never seen a film, and had no idea what they were being asked to do. Join 6,459 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. My family fought in the South African wars (and later against the Irish in Ireland). The defenders — outnumbered by more than 25 to one against 4,000 Zulus — fall back, regroup, hold their ground, fight their attackers hand-to-hand to a standstill, and win the day, but only just. We’re kind of a poster child for that, [with] what we’re trying to accomplish here. and you stood by me through changes,and you have never left me alone, we've seen good and bad years,but we're still here. Just us. No pleasure in killing. The moment that, for me, elevates it into a different dimension is when a young British soldier stares open-mouthed at the huge enemy  army encircling Rorke’s Drift. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members. I love this movie as well, and enjoy the "prequel". Trump loses Georgia yet again as his recount confirms Biden won and secretary of state says there's definitely no voting fraud, Republican congressman says he will officially challenge election results when Congress meets to confirm Electoral College votes in January in last-minute bid to overturn Joe Biden's victoryÂ, Pigs won't fly! Action: The all-British cast was led by the magnificent home-grown talents of Stanley Baker (pictured) and Jack Hawkins. Because we're here, lad. 'There’s nobody else really growing oysters on the east coast of Florida,' says owner. Nobody else. Yes, there were riots, yes there were riots all over the place they were hiding it from the American public and they had to admit it and now we're in the 2020 election cycle here … They don’t make films like Zulu any more, more’s the pity. On the double! Nobody else. The newest title from FPR Books is Real Characters: A Tip of the Hat to Nonconformity by David Lyle Jeffrey. You know about that. Maskless Chappelle gets into heated argument with an actor and his friends at Four Seasons in Texas after the comedian scolded on of them for getting close without a mask, Kayleigh McEnany's press briefing goes haywire as her maskless baseball player HUSBAND gets into confrontation with photographer for refusing to cover up and pro-Trump podcaster yells 'you crushed it Kayleigh'Â, More than 40 states are investigating Facebook for antitrust violations and plan to sue Zuckerberg's company next weekÂ, 350,000 Californians face MORE power cuts tonight as 75mph winds and dry weather threaten to spark wildfiresÂ, REVEALED: Austin's Democrat mayor told residents to 'stay home' in a video from his CABO vacation home, two days after flying in on a private jet from his daughter's wedding, Lawyer Lin Wood says Trump called to tell him he will 'never concede' - then undermines Georgia Republican Senate candidates by casting doubt on 'another rigged election', Joe Biden says he supports senators' bipartisan $900 billion COVID relief compromise for 'immediate help' in bid to break deadlock over bailout, Newly-pardoned Mike Flynn calls for Trump to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law then order military to hold a re-run election - and claims the alternative is 'CIVIL WAR'Â, Third time unlucky! No one teaches us that the key to sustaining love and happiness isn’t taking. I loved it. Hey now, the British have historically been perfectly happy to kill you and take your lands even if you. Fear means not knowing how to approach something of interest. He is in his 80s now, with more than 100 films to his credit, but Zulu remains among his most memorable (even if his role as a toff officer was a far cry from the Cockney Jack-the-lad he proved better suited to). I've always divorced the film from history or politics and focused on the core plot: The vastly outnumbered group defending a post against an overwhelming force. The handlebar-moustachioed colour sergeant next to him, erect and unflinching, could have replied with windy patriotic zeal and flag-waving imperialist grandeur. Play it now. I don’t think we’re going to need it because it looks like we’re plateauing and maybe even, in many cases, coming down. But this was typical of the times. On the face of it, the events at Rorke’s Drift mirrored the white supremacists’ view of the world. Richard Burton’s voice thundered out the narration. Fatal stab wounds are like pinpricks. His 27 years in prison had just begun. I rather liked the interview with the Zulu politician and leader who played Cetshwayo - the interviewer keeps on bringing it back to 'but isn't it awfully racist?' The comments below have been moderated in advance. And it’s that mood that sets Zulu apart from run-of-the-mill war films. We don’t realize our worth. “Win, lose or draw in that court,” Cawston continued, “it doesn’t matter. There are other errors of detail. Men doing their duty, facing death because that’s their job. His misrepresentations of some of the men are so egregious as to represent libel, were they still around to sue. I love the film because it allows a white, British, upper-middle class man like me to be a hero, for once in a movie (after 1940, and not written by Shakespeare...). Yet Zulu thankfully avoids taking sides in this moral morass. He didn't want players who had bright blue eyes because they couldn't see well in the sun. It is difficult to accept the fact that the loves of our lives can also possess awful, sometimes dangerous qualities. I think it’s amazing that I can do this job. Translation Find a translation for this quote in other languages: Select another language: - Select - Yes, somebody may take advantage of your caring nature, but if you lie down to be walked on, you can’t be surprised when people treat you like a doormat. Amazingly, the film he co-produced with its lead actor, Baker, manages to remain neutral about Britain’s much-maligned imperial heritage. One private soldier, Henry Hook, is depicted as a malingerer and a drunk who finally comes good and does his duty — a dramatic device invented for the screenplay. Lt Bromhead (Caine) tends to an injured Lt Chard (Stanley Baker) in another memorable scene. Lt. Chard: Colour Sergeant. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the film, This is one of my father's favorite movies - but he digs the Zulu warriors rather than the English. Joe Biden held a series of high level jobs in the U.S. government. No thank you. What's amazing about the Zulu's militarily at that time was that Shaka came up with the organization and the tactics entirely on his own, without any knowledge of military science from elsewhere in the world. A single British redcoat’s sneering remark on screen that ‘they’re savages, aren’t they’ (the actual Victorian view, in all honesty) is rapidly countered with an outpouring of respect for their bravery. It has not dated or tired or lost its potency — which is all the more remarkable given that it is the  product of an era almost unrecognisable now, as the circumstances in which it was made demonstrate. Yeah, won't somebody please think of the reputations of guys who went halfway around the world to kill people and take their lands for the sin of not being white? “There’s nobody else who can tell us who we are, where we belong,” he said. I signed an order to restore the pensions and healthcare benefits promise to workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. Nobody else.’. There’s nobody else to come in and help—unless maybe if the federal government were to say that nurses and doctors licensed in Canada or Spain or wherever can come and supplement our workforce. It avoids self-righteous, self-serving politics and pays pure and simple tribute to human endeavour. Mr Hall's book, Zulu: With Some Guts Behind it, has been out of print for ages and fetches in three figures. Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you You are always tryin' to keep it real I'm in love with how you feel I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you We both have shiny, happy fits of rage You want more fans, I want more stage The idea that one day he would be his country’s leader and the world’s inspiration was unthinkable. But war, we  conclude, is always terrible, an evil — if sometimes a necessary one. Yet the absence of gore, far from diminishing Zulu, adds to its greatness. A remake of Zulu today would be drenched in so much blood it might prove unwatchable. I recently re-watched the movie Gladiator, and I was struck how the Barbarians in the beginning (Visigoths? Bodies lie intact despite the bone-crunching, stomach-churning effect of bullets and bayonets. It’s all about stories. Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville (1835–1885) I am not sure how it escaped me. If you’re a leftist, don’t get mad at Rogan because he’s doing well. Just us." So here we are, caught in our bodies, being judged by our bodies, and we are not that. When the news of both battles reached Britain, national celebration of the smaller victory was cynically used to dilute the bigger catastrophe, an attempted cover-up worthy of government spin-doctors a century and more later. They had booze they had cigs, they had the promise of girls if not any actual girls. If it homed in on the visual horrors of war, it would detract from what one critic called ‘the iconic mix of ripping yarn and derring-do’, the story of Rorke’s Drift, where 11 VCs were won for valour and a timeless legend was born. In the hundred years since the Victoria Cross was created for valour and extreme courage beyond that normally expected of the British soldier in face of the enemy only 1344 have been awarded. Scott Moore commends it this way: “Whether in the Ottawa Valley of his youth, the ivory towers of Princeton, or a Florentine trattoria, David … But, please, movie-makers, don’t try to update it. For 99.99 percent of the people in the world, no one will hear their stories, but they’re just as important as everyone else’s. Newer », This thread has been archived and is closed to new comments. But Zulu itself stuck resolutely to its historical integrity, one of the last blockbusters of its kind to dare to exclude American stars from what was essentially a British story. What happened yes in the beginning it seemed like wow are we crazy, are we just seeing something else that nobody else is seeing and then it turned out later on that. Romance can make us blind to all the signs that we're in a bad relationship. As the smoke of guns disperses over the final battle scene, the British soldiers stare in horror at the piled-up bodies of Zulu around their sand-bagged last redoubt. Ridin' Low Lyrics: Here we go again / As I proceed to get my cruise on / You and I alone on our own / As we gon' to the top of the mountain by the water fountain gettin' it on / And we ain't leaving Yet Baker and Endfield’s film is the exact opposite. Here's the Tender Coming, the third album by English folk group the Unthanks, and the first under The Unthanks moniker, was released in the United Kingdom on 14 September 2009 and in North America on 23 March 2010. Back in the early Sixties, film- makers and censors thankfully spared us graphic violence. Filming was on location in a deeply racist South Africa, where apartheid was ruthlessly enforced by a whites-only minority government. Over two and a half years — we’re almost up to three — but this was done and calculated only as of two and a half, and it’s only gone up since then — we’re … "Don't you throw those bloody spears at me! Vol. End of the film. It was Folk Album of the Year for Mojo and received four-starred reviews from The Observer and The … So I think it’s something we’re very well-suited … I saw Zulu on its first run when I was nine on a giant screen in the afternoon with my pals. They have the same definition but ‘no one’ is mostly utilized in formal writing, for example: professional and academic language. No hint of glory. Bourne: Right. But 1,300 men of the first column to enter were cut to pieces at Isandlwana. Which sounds an awful lot like the Roman Pilum, doesn't it? Published: 19:57 EST, 1 January 2014 | Updated: 00:34 EST, 2 January 2014. Ready, aim, fire! Now, get back to your posts! Today it is still as fresh as it was for that premiere audience, its wide-screen images of the majestic South African landscape as stunning as ever, its action-packed fight scenes compelling, its human drama absorbing. The real Hook’s ageing daughter left the premiere in disgust when she saw her model soldier father’s reputation trashed. October 23, 2014 7:17 PM Subscribe. Because we're here, lad. Pedants point out that some of the rifles are the wrong vintage or the wrong make. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, 'It's statistically impossible that I lost': White House releases 46 minute 'address' by Trump complaining about losing the election and pleading with Supreme Court to OVERTURN Biden's victory, Do NOT travel for Christmas: CDC tells all Americans to cancel holiday plans as hospitalizations reach a record 100,226, deaths hit their highest point since April and Biden warns another 250,000 will die by January, San Francisco bans tobacco smoking and vaping inside all apartment buildings in the city - but pot use is ALLOWED, Arizona's Republican Gov. ‘I feel sick,’ says Lt Bromhead (Caine), ‘and ashamed.’, Zulu stuck resolutely to its historical integrity, one of the last blockbusters of its kind to dare to exclude American stars from what was essentially a British story. and the Zulu's just like "nah, it was fine, no bothers, it was just a thing of its time". I remember being very impressed with the line dancing native girls. It soars above racial stereotypes. A mask, a bungee jump and Derren Brown: Sherlock fans... Kremlin backed TV network air shocking Obama blackface sketch, We have a vaccine! Meanwhile, in the UK, Zulu opened to considerable acclaim, though its historical imperfections did not go unnoticed. Surprisingly perhaps, the South African government showed no qualms at allowing film-makers with such liberal credentials into their own backyard. 9. That Rogan is ahead of the pack isn’t surprising. One of the most misunderstood facts about human emotion is this: fear does not mean desire to avoid. It opened at the Plaza in Lower Regent Street, London, on January 22, 1964 — the 85th anniversary of the battle it depicted. I started to join the group. Nobody else. Even if we don’t find the victim, we’re removing hundreds, if not thousands, of images that would otherwise still be online. Presumably they were comfort-able with the notion of a film in which a minority of white men held out against an overwhelming number of blacks. "Because we're here, lad. Just us." This in itself was noteworthy. This is a delightful book of humorous stories and hard-won wisdom. Here is the original interview as it ran in aquaCORPS Journal #5 BENT JAN93 Making The Grade: Interview With Commercial Mixed gas Pioneer Lad Handelman Growing up in Mt. He leads them in song to praise the fallen dead. Well here it is the first post, and what better day start the blog but on the 22nd of January. That it’s actually for the person we’re marrying.

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