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Download Online Strategy Competitive Analysis Template. Download our competitive analysis landscape template to get ideas for gathering information and reporting analysis results. Do you want to soar high in the marketing business? It is a common market research activity that is performed to identify opportunities and risks associated with strategies such as a new product. Brick-and-mortar establishments may be different from online competition. Jeffrey Wilke is the CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Inc. The Asia Pacific says in their article, "According to theory, the performance of a company within a market is directly related to the possession of key assets and skills." Research as much information you need. 1. Business & Company metrics 1.1. A competitive analysis is a vital part of your company’s marketing plan. You can ask different people who have bought their products and services and you can make an analysis of your competitor's strategies. All Rights Reserved Smartsheet Inc. Do you want to excel in the business marketing industry against your competitors? Cultivate your company’s own voice. Note all of your competitors’ social media channels and web pages. Are the customers persuaded? Determine how your competitors sell and market their product promotion. Keyword gap analysis highlights keywords you don’t currently have on your site that rank well for other competitors. Target audience information prepares you for when customers leave your competitors. Perform a SWOT analysis to identify what competitors are doing right, and what customers are complaining about. The Parts of a Competitive Analysis Template, How to Find Market Information to Complete Competitive Analysis Templates, Competitive Analysis Templates for Web and Social Media Analysis, Competitive Analysis Template for Small Business, Competitive Analysis Template for Evaluating Results vs. This analysis will help you stay on trend and identify your competitor's marketing strategies and how you can outdo them. This simple competitive analysis template is usually to organize and analyze the basic information from the market research. Our templates will help you save time. A competitor analysis is an assessment the position of potential competitors. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS POWERPOINT TEMPLATE 3. Identify their advertising strategies. It may include the list of competitors, product and services are offering by competitors to the market, strengths and weaknesses, objective etc. CA templates generally include the following sections: The target market (personas) area of this section looks at collateral and social media to determine the competitor’s target audience. Here’s a downloadable Competitive Analysis Template spreadsheet you can use to track your competitors and stay organized as you do your competitive research. Writing a template for your Competitive Analysis will provide for your company information on the workings of your competitors, starting with their identifications, products, strengths and weaknesses. Learn about our premium resource and portfolio management platform, 10,000ft by Smartsheet. List them. You can also subscribe to their websites. Focus on the facts. Use Infinity’s Competitive Analysis template to give yourself an easy overview of your competitor’s products and services, accompanied with all the relevant information. Analyze all their strengths and weaknesses from location, owners, pricing structure, and all their other activities. In addition to the usual queries about business factors, you may also want a template that reminds you why you are conducting the analysis. Identify what makes their products unique from other products in the market. Competitive Analysis (Free Examples & Templates) A competitive analysis is an important business document in which you assess your business or a specific business project and compare it to your potential competitors. Download Competitive Analysis Landscape Template. So, it’s highly important to find out what your competitors are doing and stay one step ahead. Step 4: Work Through the Template. Competitive Analysis PowerPoint template is a free PPT template for business topics that you can free download for presentations. This template helps you define a product strategy that will set your company apart from the competition. ‌ Download Competitive Analysis Report - WORD. These templates will surely help you avoid stressing yourself in writing your own competitive +Moreanalysis documents. Are they cheap? It is important to look out for your competitors in order to stay on top of the market. This template also helps you see how many followers each competitor garners, and prompts you to consider who the product target market includes and what the product branding entails. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Competitive analysis template. Also, you can assess how well a competitor is achieving their goals based on their apparent positioning. Backlink analysis helps you gain links to your page from important sites. When to use the Competitive Analysis template Use the competitor analysis template any time you’d like to get a better grasp on where your product or service stands in relation to the market. For SEO research, survey domain authority, the keywords that attract traffic, and the amount of traffic for each of those keywords. Look no more, we have 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable documents. This information may be help to determine about competitors as well self. Above all, using a template guarantees that your primary efforts are put toward gathering and evaluating information, not into deciding what criteria to study and how to format notes. This competitor analysis template is useful for mapping out industries or categories. Competitive Analysis Template Features: A Competitive Analysis template is a simple framework in order to identify the general and strategic properties of each company you are looking for. See Smartsheet in action. You can contact people, like journalists and consultants, and ask their opinions about your competitors. A completed competitive analysis template will give you the information you need to: Assist your strategic decision making. For example, LinkedIn is aimed at professionals. Step 1. Templates for Analysis. A competitor analysis allows you to plot different organizations along two axis in order to form a big picture view of an industry. Get up and running fast with streamlined implementation and solution building to address your immediate business needs. Most significantly, though, you must actually use the collected data in your new campaign to reap the benefits. Competitors’ strategy changes all the time. Nevertheless, don’t discount the value of other paths to help you learn about your industry and niche. Uncover potential opportunities in the marketplace where you can gain market share, gain a competitive advantage etc. Where can customers buy their products? I’ll go into depth about each section below, and again feel free to grab this competitor analysis template to follow along. The best marketing teams know the importance of effective campaign management, consistent creative operations, and powerful event logistics -- and Smartsheet helps you deliver on all three so you can be more effective and achieve more. Competitive analysis is the heart of every successful business. So it is important to check these areas about your competitors. These templates will surely help you avoid stressing yourself in writing your own competitive +More analysis documents. The following are examples of things that are commonly included in a competitor analysis. You’re going head-to-head with your competition to win the loyalty of the exact same customer base. A review of indirect competitors (those who offer a slightly different product or service that could substitute for yours) provides clues to potential direct competition or new opportunities for your business. Use Excel formulas and your scores will automatically total and appear on a heat graph. A competitive analysis can help you learn the ins and outs of how your competition works, and identify potential opportunities where you can out-perform them. Simply copy it to your own Google Drive, or you can download the … Be able to come up with different strategies to get the edge over each and every one of your competition. Unique Value Propositions, Approaches to the Presentation of Competitive Analysis Template Data, Improve Your Competitive Analysis with Work Management in Smartsheet. … These steps will surely help you. You may find this especially beneficial when you know a big event such as a new product release or strategic planning session is about to occur. These are the businesses or people who provide a similar product or service to yours. The Competitive Analysis Report Template enables you to define your competitors in a detailed manner and to analyze their current potential and business capabilities with ease. The overview and profile provide general information about your company and its competitors. An analysis of competitors helps you to better serve customers. Consider the brand messaging and tone on social media. When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Particularly if you must present your findings to stakeholders throughout your company, certain additions can expedite conveying your message: Try the following PowerPoint template for company presentations. For example, a startup might create a report that focuses on market research, while an established business might dive into detail on an emerging competitor. A competitive analysis is the process of identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to your own business, product, and service. Do customers react positively or negatively? Competitive analysis template by Atlassian . You can follow their social media accounts. Discover how you can stand out . Keep in mind that your actual product or service competitors may differ from your SEO competitors because of paid ads. ‌ Download Competitive Analysis Presentation Template. Complete this template for your own company and then for your competitors. When engaging in competitive analysis, you can use a template to consider and capture details of the marketing landscape in which your business exists in order to improve your marketing decisions. Understand the forces that drive them. Competitive analysis puts a spotlight on the strengths and weaknesses of competing organizations as well as your own. More importantly, these templates help you focus on gathering information on your competitive landscape and deducing business lessons from that data, rather than mulling over which factors you should study. Consider these tips when reviewing social media strategy: If you are reviewing websites to understand usability and structure, you want to know what content sites have in common, what content is unique and interesting, and what common navigational features appear. Where do they advertise their products? When creating a competitive analysis for your small business, you want to conduct a thorough review of all facets of marketing. Determine who your competitors are Identify your competitive keywords. Company overview. Do their products meet the needs of the consumers? You can easily access the website of your competitors and look for the information that may help you. Jump-start new projects and processes with our pre-built sets of templates, add-ons, and services. analysis documents. 2. The template provides tips for explaining the purpose of an analysis to non-marketing team members and leaves room to discuss factors in the competitive landscape, environmental pressures, and much more. Distribution channel details include information about affiliates, retailers, and wholesalers. Competitive Analysis Templates One undisputed fact for every entrepreneur is that their businesses will always have a competitor, if not competitors. If you will write a competitive analysis, you'll learn a lot about your business and throughout the process, you will become a more valuable resource for your company or clients. SEO analysis reveals what keywords and approaches work, both for you and your competitors, and which campaigns should receive focus. Knowing your enemy is the first and foremost tactic in any battle strategy. Competitive analyses, which should be conducted periodically, can help you strategize and plan for company growth by discovering opportunities and threats. Most Common Format You Competitor 1 Competitor2 Competitor 3 Competitor4 Feature1 Feature2 Feature3 Feature4 Feature5. Backlinks are pages that link to other businesses’ pages, but not yours. The sections in these templates are very easy to customize. Pricing details include list prices for key products and services. You will not worry about product quality because these analysis templates are written by professionals. Reviewing online presence is key today. This makes it clear where you need to add value to your solution so you can create customer delight and lasting competitive advantage. In other words, what’s unique about the product or service that draws customers? Laura Fitton, Founder of ONEFORTY.COM 5. The following list includes some of the main methods for finding company information: Very few, if any, businesses can excel today without some social media presence. For an entrepreneur/ business person to penetrate whichever market successfully, he or she should always identify their competitors. Consider the brand story, and note which social media channels the site supports. This template can help you come out on top by walking you through a detailed analysis of what your competition has to offer, from pricing and messaging to how many followers they have on Instagram. Soon to be by Smartsheet. Use this report to capture features of competitor websites, or adapt it to perform competitive analyses on other aspects of businesses.This template proves space to record details of search functionality and any other pertinent features. Just put the details you want to include and you are done. Although in the context of marketing, the word “competitive” suggests focus on “the other” (i.e., the rival), many marketing gurus believe that the heart of any marketing activity begins with the customer. Templates may have a specific focus. Definition 2. Summary AGENDA Competitor Analysis 4. About the pricing, how much are the products being sold by your competitors? The sections in these templates are very easy to customize. It can also ensure that analysis is consistent from year to year. Understand your competition with this accessible analysis template. You probably already know some of the keywords your business is trying to rank for in the search engines. While the fields aren’t the same in all of them, the PowerPoint and Word templates are meant to be a summary of the Excel template. Use a competitor’s weaknesses to understand how you can fill gaps to make their customers your customers. You can include functional features and non-functional features (such as design or branding) that differentiate your product from competing solutions. To save you time (and help you understand what information you should be documenting), we’ve created a handy interactive PDF template, which you can fill in for as many competitors as you need (just use multiple templates). Start by determining who your competitors are, what you think you already know about them, and what you know about your own business. You can use their marketing strategies and apply to yours. Look for the channels your competitors are using to distribute their products. Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. Who are your competitors in the market and business? Want these templates now? Some marketing specialists think that knowing competitor market share is unnecessary. GET THE TEMPLATE NOW. What are their marketing methods? The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. The competitor analysis PowerPoint template is a set of amazing data charts that will easily communicate the ingredients of competitive analysis of a business. It can also ensure that analysis is consistent from year to year. Background information on a competitor may include the location of their head office, the number of employees, recent acquisitions, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, and the names of key staff members. Status Quo 3. Reveal your company’s and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, Identify the path to opportunities for increased competitive advantage, Help the entire company to understand the competitive landscape, Contribute to defining your value proposition (that is, help you differentiate from competitors). Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. The product and service portion of this section describes the products and services offered. Next, describe target markets, products and pricing, media strategies, and perform a SWOT analysis. Visit competitor locations, talk to their customers, look at printed collateral (such as brochures, form mailers, trade shows, newsletters, and bulletins), and talk to your competitors. Above all, using a template guarantees that your primary efforts are put toward gathering and evaluating information, not into deciding what criteria to study and how to format notes. Step 3: Download Your Free Competitive Analysis Template. Company Profile 6. ‌ Download Value Proposition Comparative Analysis. You need to know your biggest competitors and how your company actually performs in correlation with them if you want always to be one step ahead of the competition.Because of that, we have developed a competitive analysis template as a competitor analysis tool to help you define your position regarding your three biggest competitors.

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