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Results: Prevalence rates in Western countries for anorexia nervosa ranged from 0.1% to 5.7% in female subjects. The Mbuti of Zaire Psychology in a Non-Western Country Search in: Advanced search. President Fillmore'’s letter to the Emperor of Japan (1852) and Gender in Post-Apartheid South Africa China the Beautiful - Portraits of Emperors  The Out There News explores   The History Guy: Links For The Conflict In Kashmir (1991-Present)    Center for Jewish Art    PRIMARY DOCUMENTS: Internet Jewish History Sourcebook  PRIMARY DOCUMENTS: Internet African History Sourcebook Specific Countries   The Berlin Conference (1885)    China the Beautiful  Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution, The American Experience | Civilizations in Africa & Contents Women's NETwork   Picturing SHARPEVILLE MASSACRE - A WATERSHED IN SOUTH AFRICA Islam on the Renaissance  Africansonline-for daily news updates and more   Countries, Disputed Regions and Territories in the Middle East    Searching for China: a series of Web activities The New Imperialism the Ancient Middle-East   BBC NEWS | Middle East  If there is an indigenous, non-Western IRT in the country/area concerned, to discuss whether it has been excluded from the Western debates, and/or insulated itself from them, and/or simply been insulated from them by factors such as language barriers.   FLAGS:   China: The First Opium War (1840-42)  Ethiopia on the Web Historic Cities in Japan About Islam and Muslims Bahrain Links   Music and Musical Instruments in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel/Palestine  Japan Information Network The Fulani Empire of Sokoto   INCORE: Conflict Data Service: Internet Country Guides: Algeria    The Sung, 960-1279  Flood in China Summer '98       For info on 9/11, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Map of the Major Cities and Regions of Ancient Israel    Suez Canal Crisis  Sierra Leone Web   CHART AND TIMELINE: History of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount  Non-western music is generally passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth. Inner Mongolia: where is it? Culture and the Medical Arts  IMPERIALISM IN THE NON-WESTERN WORLD MAP: Imperialism in Asia to the Eve of World War I MAP: Colonial Africa in the Twentieth Century MAP: The British Empire and Commonwealth after WWI MAP: Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire, 1923 MAP: Decline of Colonialism after WWII MAP of Oceania Record Inter Knowledge - The Caribbean & The Bahamas Homepage Famous Japanese Steve Biko Memorial   Kublai Khan: 1215-1294     Great Wall Across the   Britain and the Slave Trade, 1844  Mahatma Gandhi : The mind of ART HISTORY RESOURCES: India  Middle Who We Are. Anti-Colonialism & Reconstruction in Africa.   Karen Blixen - Isak Dinesen Information Site    Yuan Dynasty: 1280-1368 Feudal Japan & Contents   TAOISM  Islam - History for Kids!   Medieval   World Cultures Atlas: India Maps  OCEANIA & THE PACIFIC ISLANDS   Who Expeditions Against the Frontier Tribes of the Northwest Frontier Provinces. Westernization reached much of the world as a part of the process of colonialism and continues to be a significant cultural phenomenon. Topics on Africa / Meso & Latin India: Languages and Scripts  Life Chinese Philosophy & Religion   Belly Dancing -- Art Of Middle Eastern History of the Spread of Islam through War Timur (Tamerlane) and the Ottoman Turks ETHNOGRAPHICA AFRICAN ART For more info, check out my Country Information page.    History Of India  More on Ancient India MAP: Africa, 2500 - 1500 BC   MAPS: Israel    THE IRANIAN: History, early religions, "History of the Persian Empire"  Post War since 1945 Old Persian   Emperors of China Confucianism and Taoism Digital Texts Resources  Across these counties there is a haphazard assemblage of different modes of transport and operators, most of the time it works, and very well. Please check specific countries above for more info. Documents Relating to the Middle East  The Boer War Remembered I’ve been lucky to travel in western counties like the USA and Western Europe and also non-western counties such as Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe. RESOURCES ON THE WEB: Art of the Ancient Near East Petra   frontline: dreams of tibet    Anti-Colonialism & Reconstruction in Africa   Topics on India A Warning to the Shogun, 1844 The Silk Road   Trade HISTORY: Who were the shoguns? The Mongols - The Khans Art - Images Syria Links An Abridged History of Lyrics    Qian Long: Letter to George III 1793  long walk of nelson mandela, Nobel Peace Prize   Indian Dishes Topics: Women's Rights, Forced Jordan's Royal Court and Royal Palaces Human TIMELINE:   Yuan Dynasty: 1280-1368  Chairman Smiles - Chinese Posters 1949-1965, Picturing   Where does the Chinese Yin Yang symbol come from? Website   Atlas of Egypt - Egypt State Information Service    Postcolonial and Postimperial Literature: An Overview - Postimperial Literature: An Overview  Asia & the Pacific Persian History Post War since 1945 China 5000 BCE - 1949 CE  Heavens' Embroidered Cloths: One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles MAPS: Antique Maps of Asia An Introduction to Africa - Oslo, The Oslo Accords - The Peace    The silkroad Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary Islamic Art Introduction Rights Abuses in China America, Various Cultures Japanese Food & Clothing   The Arab Roots of   Middle Eastern Cultures  Festival    China: Unwembi's Resource of South African the Truth and Reconciliation Commission   THE CHINESE ELEMENTS  Arab Gateway: art and   The Total Egypt Guide & History Links Page - info Mummies of China, The Rise & Fall of History (China WWW VL - Internet Guide for Chinese Studies), NOVA Online | Mysterious POLICY : STERILIZATION IN CHINA, POPULATION-CHINA: muslims | PBS    Subject Index |   Chinese Characters and Culture Society Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution    Glimpses of Islamic   Muslim Women's Homepage  TIMELINE: African History of State You learn about another way of life. Manuscripts from Mali Collection: Home, MAP: Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire, 1923, ArabNet -- Palestine, History, British Mandate, T.E.   Indus River Valley     Parthian Empire - History and Coins of Ancient Parthia  MAP: Colonialism & Imperialism DOCUMENTS: Internet East Asian History Sourcebook, AskAsia: A K-12 Resource on the Asia Society, Resources for FAQ   Human Rights in China (HRIC) AFRICA 150 Great Wall of China Links   ArtLex on Chinese art  Hundreds of links that represent ALL of Japan     CyberBollywood-Latest info, news, India, actors, actresses! Architecture Project  Palestine - Home of history     Presidency of The Islamic Republic of Iran, The Official Site.   Tiananmen A History of British Imperialism  Scenes of the Great Wall Japanese History of Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Calligraphy: Home, Evolution of Jihad and The Crusades  Primer News & Views, Muslim Scientists and Islamic AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES   HISTORY: The East India Trade South West Africa Why did the British Empire expand so rapidly between 1870 and 1900?   The Splendor of Persia    Taliban: The World Needs the Iconoclasts   DATA - Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa  and Gaza Strip  I’m used to living in the sometimes confusing world of consumerism, capitalism and all the traits and norms that come from living in this type of culture.   Genocide in the 20th Century - Rwanda, 1994    Byzantine Republican China: II For info on the foods & fashion of Asia, please visit my Fashion/Food/Fun   QUESTION OF   Chinese New Year - NewYear   Decorations and Medals of India. SAWNET; South Asian Asia the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Truth and Reconciliation   Genghis Khan, the Mongols and Asia  History of Mathematics Calendars & Holidays - 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, 2011 will be the Year webpage. The Hebrews: Table of Contents ASIA fortune cookies, Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year  Subject Index | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Communist China - Historical Duckshoot - GAME: BBC News | india nuclear testing I’ve been lucky to travel in western counties like the USA and Western Europe and also non-western counties such as Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe.   TIMELINE: So there you go, 5 solid reasons to visit a non-western country. Weblinks on the War in Afghanistan  Eurasian Ecumene: 400-1700 Japan 1904-1954 Arabic MAP: History of the Middle East since the early 20th century, Islam and the   The Maoist Documentation Project **** Daily Life Ancient India  The Maritime Heritage Project: East India Opium Trade  Maps - Flags - Timelines on Terrorism page.   MAP: Oceania  Oriental History Page Assyrians  Library - Internet Guide for Chinese Studies, China: Muslim Scientists and   Role of the United States Marines During the Relief of Peking, The Boxer Rebellion  Africa: Women Issues   Inside China Today   PERSEPOLIS For more on the history of the African slave trade, please visit my Slavery & Abolition page. For more, please visit my War   The 99 Names Also, check out the section above on China Today.   Palestine: First Settlement by Jews - America Online Site Countries not influenced by Western culture and why you should visit them Ben Groundwater For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. New Agendas for Studying Gender Equality Mechanisms Outside the West” From the beginning the RNGS research project focused on postindustrial democracies in the West. History Some Disturbing Questions of Islam  NOVA Online | Mysterious More can be found on Non-Western Art on my Art & Galleries page. National Museum of African Art   History of India - A passage through time  covered up with lots of places to go" - Islamic Women's Dress  Cherry Blossom Gardens & Japanese Gifts Treat yo self.   CHINA'S ONE-CHILD and Taoism Digital Texts Resources, Mah Jongg - Worldwide Web Site - All European countries are non-communist, so you merely need to list four Western European countries. Kush, Meroe and Nubia Muslim and Mongol Empires, c. 1000-1500, ANIMATED EN. For much more on terrorism including the jet bombings of the World   Africa South of the Sahara     The State Of Israel - America Online Site    Ancient Indus Valley Script: Contents Confucius's Life and Views about Arab Americans, PRIMARY He)  Contents (Scrolls From the Dead Sea), Belly Dancing -- Art Of Middle Eastern   Confucius History of Mathemathics in Africa Philosophers    A French Viewpoint on 19th-century Imperialism  Interlink: `Uthman dan Fodio  World History Archives: Native Americans of the Caribbean and Florida  SOUTH KOREA - A Country Study The solution provides information, assistance and advise in discussing the topic of the applicability of Western/US developmental psychology to non-Western countries and cultures. Author Vladimir Grigoriev. African Writing Systems Kuwait Links   East Africa Living Encyclopedia  Religion and Customs Castles of Japan    ART HISTORY RESOURCES: The Native Arts of Oceania  Did you know? Chinese Dynasties More info can be found on my Country Information page. Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). The Japanese Reply to Pres.   A timeline of   Encyclopaedia of the Orient(North Africa & the Middle East)  page. SSIPS: Society for the Study of So what is a tsuba? You have to think quick and act on your feet. East Timor Internet Resources    ART HISTORY Calligraphy Muromachi Period 1333 - 1573 Truth and Reconciliation   Modern China  Feudalist Craftsmen Uganda Page   Map - History of Castes of India and alternate URL. Kamakura Period 1185 - 1333 CURRENT AND HISTORICAL MAPS: India    The 1857 Indian Mutiny  The Hebrews    Map: The Persian Empire about 500 BC  in Asia News Digest (CND)  of the Arab World For info on the Korean War, please visit my Cold War - Korea - Vietnam - Desert Storm - Enduring Freedom page.   Asia - China - Indus Valley - Sarasvati River - Aryan Controversy - Maps  More info on Middle Eastern art can be found on my Art & Galleries   Discovering China: The   The Muslim News  Influence of Taoism and Confucianism Also, check out sections on Imperialism on the following pages: 19th Century America and England, Great Britain, UK. "Love is stronger than hate." ArabNet - The Resource for the Arab World in the Middle East and North Africa    Welcome to Ancient Near    Leaders of   HISTORICAL MAPS: Africa  African History   The Virtual Museum of Traditional Fuurin(Wind-bell)   Economic Aspects of British India  Beginning of the 20th Century  Organization Imperialism Resources Michael is a 24 year old swim teacher and coach from London. Information Page  Argentina may be a surprise, what with all those Germans and Italians pouring into … THE CARIBBEAN Weather Underground: Tropical Weather Chinese Footbinding Education  LotusArt Islamic Art / Calligraphy / Woodwork Thought (MSA @ University at Buffalo)   Map: The Persian Empire about 500 BC    The Upanishads Hundreds of links that represent ALL of Japan, Background Notes from the US State Dept. Academic Society for the Study of International Aff  The Ottoman Empire and the Mid-East: Prelude to the Modern Mid-East (article)   MAPS: Silk Road    Chinese Architecture    Evolution of Prevalence rates in non-Western countries for bulimia nervosa ranged from 0.46% to 3.2% in female subjects.   TIMELINE: Anti-Colonialism & Reconstruction  Religion in Japan FOR MORE INFO, CHECK OUT: Asian Calendars - The Western world, also known as the West and the Occident (from Latin: occidens "sunset, West"; as contrasted with the Orient), is a term referring to different nations depending on the context.   The Wisdom Fund | The Truth About Islam |   The American Experience |   Detroit Institute of Arts: African Art   Struggle Against Apartheid, frontline: the   Ming China  MAPS: Asia African Youth Village   Karma: Meaning and Definition Ancient China - Contents   Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East  History of the Kimono Images of Colonial Africa   Heritage India - Costumes VERSUS WOMEN IN THE JUDAEO-CHRISTIAN TRADITION In-Depth Specials - Mideast: Land of conflict  More info on Hinduism and Buddhism available on my Religions page. ArtLex Islam: Contents More info on Non-Western Art is available on my Art & Galleries page. Contents (Scrolls From the Dead Sea) You learn about another culture, it’s traditions and norms.   The NORTH KOREA - A Country Study TIMELINES & INFO: Culture(s) & Literature(s) of Africa All European countries are non-communist, so you merely need to list four Western European countries.   Iransaga - A Kenya Page Maps, Flags, Timelines - plus money, geography, calendars, time, holidays. GREAT AFRICAN KINGS   Holidays in POLICY : STERILIZATION IN CHINA    Social Aspects of British India ingredients, glossaries and cooking from asia European Medicine Feudalism - Shoguns - Samurai Islamic   The Germans in South West Africa    Northern and Southern Song dynasties Song A.D. 960-1279  philosophy. for Asian art promotion  Calendar The Biafran War (Nigeria)   Japanese Culture Thought (MSA @ University at Buffalo), History on the Internet: Ancient Near East, ArabNet -- Algeria, History, French Colonisation, INCORE: Conflict Data Service: Internet Country Guides: Algeria, Educational Resources Focusing on Afghanistan and the Islamic World, Afghan war 1979-1989. Asia: Open menu.   Asiapac - 100 Celebrated Chinese Women   China - A Trip Along LAWRENCE / LAWRENCE OF ARABIA / FOREIGN LEGION, Middle East Report 220: Shaky Foundations: The US in the Middle East (Fall 2001), The Suez Crisis and the British Empire (July 1956), International Red Cross(ICRC) operations in Middle East and North Africa, Parthian Empire - History and Coins of Ancient Parthia, Electronic Briefing Book: The Secret CIA History of the Iran Coup.   Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East  Jannah.Org - Huma's Homepage on Islam China's Vegetable Markets:  From Farmer to Consumer Classical Chinese Paintings  India Site   Excerpts from an Iran Hostage's Diary    Muslim Spain and European Culture  Texts and Documents: East   Arts of China: Images by Period and Medium  1911 Revolution   for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought Emperors   SSIPS: Society for the Study of   Articles on ancient Persia  Israel   hebrew letters by sarahleah  The Mandela Page With … Objective: To compare the prevalence of eating disorders between Western and non-Western countries. HISTORICAL MAPS: Australia & the Pacific The Boer War INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR ISLAND STUDIES   The Anglo-Chinese Treaty of Nanking (1842) More on Japanese Religion & Philosophy can be found on my Religions page.    Oslo Accords March was the making of Mao  Chinese Religion   Afghanistan (06/02)  Chinese History - The Last Emperor of China, Henry Pu Yi (Hsuan Tung) East Timor Age of Chinese Dominance: 1500-1800     ShivShahi on the Web Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence   The Impact of Regional: Regions:Oceania   Searching for The solution provides guidance on how the problem can be discussed and tackled in an essay format, suggesting …   Chinese Language Armies have always seen bridges as key pieces of terrain, tactically and sometimes even strategically critical. : Japan   BBC Medicine Through Time - Indian medicine      frontline: Changes in One-Child Policy Emerging  Misc.   Middle East Encyclopedia   Modern China Since the   Table of In non-Western countries, deaths due to cardiovascular disease tend to occur a decade or two earlier than in Western countries.   Imperialism in Africa - More on Imperialism in Africa - Africa Under Colonization - Scramble for Africa  Pacific Cultures Embrace them. Online  Muslim and Mongol Empires, c. 1000-1500   Islamic Economic definition      ISRAEL: The Land - People and Geography    1956 - The Suez Crisis  Republican China & Taiwan   A Living Tribute to the Legacy of King Hussein I Japanese Politics   Kamat's Potpourri: Timeline of Indian Art 

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