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Select options. Colorado blue spruce, also called blue spruce (Picea pungens) grows at a slow to medium rate of less than 12 inches per year and up to 24 inches per year when young. I found your website extremely helpful in finding a light blue color. CSS. Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. A Colorado blue spruce in an urban setting G. Lumis: Cones of a Colorado blue spruce G. Lumis: Needles of a Colorado blue spruce G. Lumis: Scientific Name: Picea pungens var. Color Theory Explained for Marketers and Small Business Owners. However, it usually grows easily to 20 feet (6 m). Vanilla Shake DEW325 Boutique Beige DE6178 Shop Paint Sample Order Color Chip Save to My Favorites Share This Color Find Local Store. The blue spruce, green spruce, white spruce, Colorado spruce, or Colorado blue spruce, with the Latin name Picea pungens, is a species of spruce tree. Save 10% on premium images with code ISTOCK10. Because of this, incorporate spruce into areas of your home you want to feel warm, welcoming, and serene. For the perfect middle ground between barely-there blues and deeper ones, we love The Spruce's Blue Marlin. Picea pungens 'Baby Blue Eyes' is a very dense, pyramidal, slow-growing selection of Colorado spruce with sky-blue foliage. Blue Spruce DE5772 RL#369 . Summary Foliage: Evergreen needles Height: 90 to 135 feet Spread: 20 to 30 feet Shape: Upright . Select from premium Blue Spruce of the highest quality. However, blue spruce trees can tolerate less than perfect conditions but growing them in a heavily polluted area can affect the blue color coating of the needles. Non-toxic. Destiné à tteintér le glaçage royal, fondant, crème au beurre et isomalt. In the RGB color model #617178 is comprised of 38.04% red, 44.31% green and 47.06% blue. Made in the USA for over 100 years. The smallest size after the first ten years of life is 15 feet (4.5 m). HSB. It’s part of their 2017 Fall Fashion Color Report for New York. Benjamin Moore Blue Spruce / 1637 / #617178 Hex Color Code. Spruce, though a deep and distinctly green hue, contains hints of blue that makes it wholly unique. This stunning evergreen tree looks beautiful in any landscape. This color was named for the needles of a spruce tree This color is a shade of Green, Blue glauca. RGB. For an earthy, woodsy vibe, use spruce with dark green, warm gold, and saturated red. Blue spruce (Picea pungens), also famously called the Colorado spruce, is a highly adaptable plant that can grow just about anywhere and everywhere in plant hardiness zones 3 through 7. This medium blue has solid gray undertones and is perfect for nearly every bedroom style. The Colorado blue spruce Picea pungens, also known as the blue or silver spruce, adds a unique color to your evergreen landscaping elements. Les Master Elites sont des colorants alimentaires en poudre hautement pigmentés. Subscribe & Save. The more wax on a needle, the bluer it is. Last 30 days; Last 90 days ; Amazon Global Store. Spruce also works well with other colors that occur in nature. R-094 Opal Plum Blue Opaque Glass Color $ 17.50 – $ 37.00. Amazon Global Store; International Shipping. Hex. It’s a soothing shade of blue-green that Pantone calls ‘Shaded Spruce’. Create professional-looking social media posts, promotions, and more. However, we put a blue granite and blue backsplash in our bar, the granite is medium blue and the backsplash is many darker blues. International Shipping Eligible; Condition. Use spruce with gunmetal gray, cream, puce, and charcoal to create a coastal feel. Select options. Blue spruce (Picea pungens), also known as Colorado spruce, is commonly planted in landscapes for its attractive blue color and conical form.Although the blue color is popular and common with cultivars, the green form is more common in the wild.

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