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Last Updated: 26 November 2015. Again, if we were looking for a junior, I’d be giving it more of an 8.5 out of 10, but for the general population, it’s lacking a little bit of weight. With rackets under 290g, you tend to get plenty of easy power from the swing speed and strings, but not much natural power, which is a lot more effective. This makes sense, as the 9 PTS HL balance of the Pro Staff 97 is designed to help you manoeuvre the massive 340g weight. Our playtesters found the Pro Staff 97 to offer excellent power, spin and maneuverability from the baseline, but at times they struggled to control the depth of their shots. The head size of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is 97 sq. A true legend, the Wilson Pro Staff 85 was used by Pete Sampras, Stefan Edberg, and Roger Federer. Chrissaid, "I found a huge difference between how this racquet played off the ground and how the RF version played off the ground. Coups de fond de court - Note : 80 / 100. 7 750,00 EUR. For its weight class though, the Pro Staff 97L CV does give very good stability. I’m a bit confused here, Will. With a 290g racket, it’s likely that it’s going to perform best from the back of the court. Most players who are going to be using this racket will be baseliners, and the Pro Staff 97L CV provides a good platform for someone who is developing their strokes and looking to develop a more advanced game. Truly beautiful irons, with some subtle but stunning small touches to give a unique overall look. Look sobre en nuances de bleu, symétrie parfaite pour ne jamais perdre vos repères et jeu de matières mat et brillantes, la gamme Ultra est adoptée par le fantasque Gaël Monfils mais aussi par Feliciano Lopez. The Pro Staff 97L CV is a great racket for a junior. Clearly this is a niche product, but the attention to detail is fantastic, and represents the step up in quality that the entire Wilson range has made in recent years. A new twist on a classic, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, is Roger Federer’s signature version of the Wilson Pro Staff 97. Stability; Control; Power; Feel & Touch; Downsides. by thetennisbros | Jan 21, 2019 | Wilson Pro Staff Rackets, Wilson Rackets | 2 comments. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Wilson golf balls are designed with very simple features compared to many other brands. That is generally due to the lack of swingweight going through the ball and a lack of stability. I wasn’t expecting a huge amount of similarities between the two rackets, how could a 340g racket and a 290g racket play similarly? Wilson Staff D-100 Irons Review. C’est tout logiquement que celui qui l’a effacé des tablettes de l’histoire, Roger Federer, a commencé sur le circuit avec cette même Pro Staff 85. Package Contains: Pro Staff 95 BLX in limited 100 years livery (Unstrung) Premium molded cover bag. Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 irons Key Technology: To mark Wilson Staff’s centenary, the brand has launched a modern version of its classic Dynapower irons. The lightweight racquet comes pre-strung with the ever popular Wilson Sensation multifilament string. Wilson Pro Staff 95 - Test par Team-Tennis.fr. Wilson a récemment commercialisé (NDLR en 2009 de mémoire) une édition spéciale signée Pete Sampras (k.Pro Staff 88), encore plus lourde que la version 85 du commerce ! I have tested those, and the 97L felt like the heaviest of the lot. 10 enchères. Wilson Pro Staff 100 Light Racquet 2014. are not too light? Based on the specs, I would suggest this racket is aimed more at younger junior players. The swingweight has dropped to 312, while the weight of the racket has moved much more towards the head, with a 3PTS HL balance. A selection of the best fairway woods on…, To help you look your best, we’ve compiled…, Perfect your look with these various short styles…, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Save Up To 35% On Garmin Golf Watches This Cyber Monday. The Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX is a very good club player's racket - it is light and forgiving and the head-size is just right for that type of player. Countervail. I was also excited to be back using Wilson’s brilliant Countervail Technology, which I have been very impressed with when using the Wilson Ultra 100 CV and the Wilson Burn 100 CV. Of course, with a 290g racket, you’re not going to get a ton of stability on impact. To understand what the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is, we have to look at where it originated. Obviously, the Pro Staff 97L CV isn’t going to have the capabilities of much heavier rackets at the net, but how does it do for a 290g racket? It still feels like a professional racket though you are not going to see any players in the tour use it. Coated with a tour-inspired design, the Pro Staff Precision 103 shifts the balance toward the head of the racket for enhanced plow-through to complement its radiant precision. $99.95. A modern version of the classic Pro Staff for those of us who don’t fancy the hefty 340g of the regular Pro Staff. C similaire à la radical xt graphene et en terme de sensations, je préfère la radical, mais c’est une histoire de goût. En savoir plus. Wilson Tennis Pro Staff Racket 85 4 1/2 Tennis Strung. The result is a racquet that was easy on our playtesters' arms and gave them ample access to … Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. Voici selon moi la nouveauté la plus intéressante sur cette raquette, en tout cas celle qui selon moi a le plus d'impact sur les sensations de jeu. 20,00 EUR de frais de livraison. The Wilson Pro Staff 97L Tennis Racquet has something for everyone, but will be a gamechanger for those seeking a light weight player's frame. Se termine à 10 nov. à 17:23 Paris 3 j 15 h Provenance : Espagne. With the Pro Staff 97L CV I had the opposite problem. 100,00 EUR de frais de livraison. The shelf appeal and look in the bag is up there with the best-looking sets on the market. The Wilson Clash 100 and Clash 100 Tour tennis racquets get broken down in our full-length review. Any racquet that is extremely similar to what Roger Federer uses is going to have quite a few fans around the world. Report. $139.95. It is clear that some of this prowess has rubbed off on the Pro Staff 97L CV. Wilson Pro Staff 95 - 100 Years Package Product code: WRT722700 This item has now been discontinued £179.99 Inc. VAT Product Information; Delivery / Returns; Collectors Edition celebrating Wilson's 100 years anniversary. Best Cyber Monday Booze Deals – Amazing Savings! I obviously didn’t get the kind of power I would get with a heavier racket, but you don’t always need that, and I was quite happy with what I did get from this racket. Compare specs, new technologies and innovations in this brand new racquet line. La gamme de raquette Wilson Pro Staff apporte un maximum de sensation et de performance. in. The Wilson Pro Staff Precision 100 tennis racket is a recreational frame designed for increased accuracy and torsional stability thanks to the Perimeter Weighting system. Whether it was at net, on serve or all over the baseline, the maneuverability and spin production were the most agreeable features of this racquet. The feel from the middle is outstanding, and the ability to keep the ball down will please those looking to control their ball flight. The Pro Staff Precision 100 affords advanced recreational players an excellent degree of precision and ball placement on every shot. Despite the fact the Pro Staff 97L CV is not designed for someone like me, I did have a very enjoyable playtest with this racket. I have given the Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV an 8 out of 10 from the back. Raquette: Wilson; Modèle: Pro Staff 97L CV; Signaler ce message; Posté(e) October 17, 2017. il y a 2 minutes, tambouil a dit : La 97 L est dans la continuité de la LS, moins précise, plus tolérante. Summary. Once again, the Countervail technology did an excellent job at making this racket very easy to play with. Profil : 22 mm. Its basalt carbon fiber construction optimizes feel, while Perimeter Weighting System in the frame elevates torsional stability for added consistency. in. Optez pour une raquette ultra stylée ! Slice Tips: How to stop cutting across the ball. Nouvelle annonce Wilson Pro Staff Steffi Graf 85 sq 7.5 Personal Pro Stock. in. Of course, if 340g is a little too heavy for you and 290g a little too light, then there is always the Pro Staff 97 CV which comes in at 315g. Length: 27in / 68.58cm Unstrung Weight: 10.2oz / 290g Strung Weight: 10.8oz / 303.34g Balance: 13.1in / 33.27cm / 3 pts HL Swingweight: 314 String Pattern: 18 Mains / 16 Crosses cm. 17,01 EUR de frais de livraison. Troy currently plays with a Wilson Six.One 95 18x20. But I did hope that the baby Pro Staff would have some of the legendary stability of the 340g Pro Staff. I wouldn’t say it’s too light for adults, but the majority of adults could manage something a little bit heavier. Image from Pexels. In my experience it does an excellent job of this, so I was looking forward to seeing if it would have the same effect on this racket. While this racket is very different to the regular Pro Staff advertised as Roger Federer’s racket, you still get to feel like Fed when you’re playing with this stick. Like the Steam 99S and the Juice 100S, this new Pro Staff features Wilson's super open 16x15 string pattern, which dramatically increases the spin potential and opens up the sweetspot of the racquet. The serve is the area where I’m a little picky about rackets. The light frame makes the Pro Staff 97L CV easy to swing, and the frame cushions the ball wonderfully well. Découvrir l'univers wilson . The classic look is provided by the bore-through insert and long, gold-red-gold ferrule, while True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts and Lamkin grips complete the package. with a 7 point head light balance, and a sting pattern of 16 x 19. / 625.81 sq. Crafted in the vein of the current Pro Staff performance frames, the Pro Staff Team brings added playability and forgiveness to the iconic franchise. Wilson Pro Staff 97. The Pro Staff 97L CV certainly doesn’t do a bad job from the back of the court and I could see some evidence that it is a deserving member of the Pro Staff family. In 2011 and 2017 (Wilson Pro Staff RF 85) and has a loyal fan-following despite that its head size of 85 sq inches might be a little out-of-date in these top-spin friendly, baseline bashing times. inch head if they were going for a lightweight racket, so it leads me to believe it is ideally suited to a fairly advanced junior player, perhaps around the U12 mark. It’s difficult to score these types of rackets; if you asked me for a score for a junior it would be much higher, but overall, I think it is a solid 8. The first edition of the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 had a stiffness rating of 72, but felt a lot plusher than that. Even with those specs, you will still get a sleek design, similar to the Wilson Staff Pro RF97. Test de la raquette de tennis Wilson Pro Staff 95 en vidéo La raquette de Tennis Wilson Pro Staff Six One 100 BLX est faire pour vous. Overall, I have given the Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV a 7.5 out of 10, but if I was looking at getting this racket for a junior it would be more like a 9 out of 10. 1:47. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racket - Black [Frame Only] £230.00 . I had never tried the first edition of the pro staff 90 before, so it was high time for Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90 Review. 118,44 EUR. Its larger headsize keeps balls in play on off-centered strokes, while its lighter weight makes it easier and quickier to set up for every shot. Although the specs and technologies behind a racquet are useful, what matters is how a racquet performs and feels on the court. Within Wilson's new 100s range, distance is taken care of by the D100s, launched last year with the promise of helping everyday golfers swing faster with less effort. In our list of The Best Rackets Under 300g (Unstrung), we had the Pro Staff Team’s close relation, the Wilson Pro Staff 97L at number 2, so there were certainly some high expectations for the Team. Wilson Pro Staff 100L Light Tennis Racquet (Unstrung) Brand: Wilson. Wilson has upped the hitting surface from 97 to 100 square inches and lightened the load making this an extremely mobile addition to the pro staff line. My overriding feeling was that I could just sit back and enjoy with the Pro Staff 97L CV. The specs and layout have remained the same as the previous version, so we had playtesters who reviewed the original Pro Staff 97 review this … I guess the Vcore Pro 97 is similar, but that’s why it made me think of it for advanced juniors. This is exactly what a developing player needs, as picking up injuries as a junior is not something you want to be doing. The main method of using Wilson golf balls compared to other brands is that they are more effective and less costly when practicing. Le design sobre de cette raquette Wilson Pro Staff Precision 100 n'est pas sans rappeler l'élégance propre à cette gamme de raquettes correspondant parfaitement à son joueur phare : Roger Federer. It is a very good racket, and one I would add to my list of top rackets for juniors. The length of the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is 27 inches, the beam width is 21.5mm, and stiffness is listed at 66RA. At the moment, you have the option of the all black, or an interesting camo look! Avec son tamis conventionnel à 645 cm² et ses petits 285 grammes, bénéficiez également du confort sans égal de la technologie Amplifeel. in. 883813754717BUN. in. Head Size: 97 sq. Descendant de la lignée Pro Staff, la raquette Wilson pro Staff 97 apporte un équilibre entre contrôle et sensation quasi parfait tout en marquant un esthétisme des plus réussis. The Wilson Pro Staff Tour… 0 Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Product Information; Delivery / Returns; Totally new model for 2014 with the new Spin Effect technology included in the ProStaff range for the first time. maxi. This amazing racket is part of the same series that the best tennis player of all time is using - Roger Federer. Among the features looked at are the ease of use, quality of design, product specs, and pricing. However, while you’re still developing your game, the Pro Staff 97L CV will do a job for you at the net. Heavy, sleek and control-oriented, t £124.99 . Les avis étaient mitigés sur leurs coups de fond de court. With its controllable power and attractive price, the Pro Staff Precision 100 is a great option for the intermediate player in search of value. Please try again later. Test Raquette Wilson Pro Staff 97 : la raquette des attaquants ! The Pro Staff 97L CV didn’t have any real weaknesses, but was strongest off the groundstrokes, where I was pleasantly surprised by its levels of control. Wilson Pro Staff The Pro Staff line wasn’t new in 1983, but the use of braided graphite certainly was. Hey Rob! Its basalt carbon fiber construction optimizes feel, while Perimeter Weighting System in the frame elevates torsional stability for added consistency. Both the RF racquet and this Pro … With that, this brand of golf balls is known for amateur products and designed for effective use and practice benefits. La volonté de Wilson était de casser les codes du marché en proposant quelque chose de plus épuré, plus minimaliste et donc plus premium. I have given the Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV a 7.5 out of 10, but again with the caveat that I would score it higher for a junior. For a junior though, whose body is still developing, the Pro Staff 97L CV is ideal. You’re generating a lot of swing speed, but when the ball hits the racket, the ball pushes the racket back in your hand and a lot of the energy you have created gets lost. With an 16 x 19 string pattern this racquet maximizes spin potential and providing a lively response on contact. Browse more videos. The Pro Staff driver has weight screws for improved accuracy, an extremely large head and a flex staff shaft designed for improved flexibility and control. Pro Staff Precision 103 Tennis Racket WILSON WR019110U2. Bit unstable outside of sweetspot; Summary. FREE SHIPPING OVER $99 FROM OUR AUSTRALIAN WAREHOUSE TO YOUR HOME CUSTOMER SUPPORT OUR LOCAL EXPERTS ARE HERE TO … But with the Pro Staff 97L CV it was a perfect mix. It is a little more stable and control oriented than the vast majority of rackets in this weight category and I think that is a great thing for a junior. Technologie(s) : BLX, Spin Effect, AmpliFeel 360° Composition : Carbon, Kevlar, Basalt Tamis : 645 cm² / 100 sq. Wilson Pro Staff 97LS Specs Head Size: 97 sq. Given the weight and specs of this racket, I do still think it is ideally suited to a junior player, but perhaps older players who are developing their game might enjoy this racket too. Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 tennis racket specs and review . Se termine à 14 nov. à 11:43 Paris 7 j 10 h Genre: Junior Couleur: Bleu Marque: Wilson. Troy: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a full Western Forehand and a two-handed backhand. Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis. Mark: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a one-handed backhand. 0 enchères. He currently plays with the Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph. You still need to be quite reliable when it comes to hitting the sweet spot however, few racquets allow shots close to the frame to be “pillowy”. This is an ideal combination to ensure that kids don’t pick up needless injuries whilst continuing to develop their game ready for a more adult racket. The one thing you do notice with the Pro Staff 97L CV is how crazy fast it is. Pro Staff Precision Team 100 Tennis Racket WILSON WR019210U3. Plan de cordage : 16x18 Non cordée . While I did enjoy feeling like a mini Fed on this play test, the Pro Staff 97L CV was just a touch on the light side. “Il y a deux ans, précisément en septembre 2016, nous avons lancé un nouveau design pour nos raquettes nommé DNA, auquel Roger Federer a participé. Price: $ Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS Racquet Scores; Power: 77: Comfort: 79: Touch/Feel: 81: Serves: 83: Groundstrokes: 83: Returns: 80: Slice: 83: Topspin: 90: Volleys: 82: Overall: 82: Upsides . Heavy, sleek and control-oriented, t The regular 340g Pro Staff (used by Tom) is unbelievable at staying stable on contact and putting all the energy you create through the ball. When the level goes up a bit and you get balls flying at you at 100 odd mph then you’re going to want a more substantial stick in your hand. Firstly, thanks for your interesting question. 2020 Wilson Pro Staff RF97 v13 Review & Playtest Notes. Normally, an intermediate adult would look for something a bit more forgiving than a 97 sq. I think what I was trying to get at was for intermediate adults it’s a bit too advanced in its characteristics but more advanced players would normally want a much heavier racket. I don’t normally get too carried away with new technology, but the CV is one that I have been particularly impressed with. The narrow sole and look behind the ball gives the impression you can strike the ball from any type of lie. The long irons are particularly difficult to hit, and there’s little forgiveness for shots that don’t find the middle of the face. I personally didn’t have a great time on the serve with the Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV, but I don’t think that stops it being a good racket for the right person. ou Offre directe . The Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV brings Wilson’s Countervail Technology to the Pro Staff range, a technology that we have all been very impressed with in other Wilson rackets. Furthermore, the racquet is head light balanced and features a mid-plus head to ensure superior … I’m not quite a budding U12 junior player, but I took the Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV out for a little playtest, nonetheless. 10,00 EUR. Required fields are marked *. Head Size: 97 sq. The obvious differences between the two rackets are the weight and the head size. The Wilson Pro Staff 97 is just about the best racket I have volleyed with since I’ve been doing this playtest. For a little over a week, I had the opportunity to hit with the Pro Staff RF97 daily to share my experience with you. 5.0 out of 5 stars I play with this as my backup to The Blade 98 good to win with. Provenance : États-Unis. Raquette de tennis junior WILSON HIGH BEAM SERIES 100 SQ. Jeffrey Grauer. Nos joueurs ont trouvé que la Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Black offrait un excellent accès aux effets et une belle maniabilité en fond de court mais elle était parfois difficile à cerner en raison de la réponse imprévisible de la zone de frappe. Click Here To Get The Wilson Pro Staff 97L CV For The Best Value Price From RacquetGuys! As usual, the Countervail technology has worked a treat in this racket, and it is incredibly comfortable to play with. WILSON PRO STAFF RF97 AUTOGRAPH LAVER CUP L2 TENNIS RACQUET. Your email address will not be published. It was so much easier to swing the Pro Staff 97 fast, and it felt very maneuverable compared to the RF. To mark Wilson Staff’s centenary, the brand has launched a modern version of its classic Dynapower irons. Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph Review. in. The Pro Staff Precision 100 affords advanced recreational players an excellent degree of precision and ball placement on every shot. Wilson updates the Pro Staff 97 with a fresh, sleek cosmetic that will make any player stand out on the tennis court. SKU. The outstanding feel and stunning looks made me want to go back to using bladed clubs. Pro Staff 97LS Raquette De Compétition - 149,95 € - Wilson - Pro Staff - Raquettes de tennis - Raquette de compétition - Caractéristiques: Wilson Attacker - Tamis (cm²): 626 - Housse de raquette: Non - Plan de cordage: 18/16 - Profile (mm): 23 - Poids non cordée (gr): 290 - Spin Effect Technology - Longueur (mm): 685 - Point d'équilibre (mm): 325 - Cordée: Non RAQUETTE WILSON PRO STAFF 100L 2013/2014 NON CORDEE. Test réalisé par Jean-Pierre, niveau approximatif 5/6, meilleur classement 1/6. 4.4 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. The 100 square inch head size and open string pattern of the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 offered spin, spin and more spin to our playtesters. Product Overview . The 290g weight makes it effortless to play with, and I was able to generate a good blend of spin and control without putting in too much effort. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. So, as you see the Wilson Pro Staff Six-One 100 Lite BLX is not perfect and there is definitely some things that can be improved. Wilson Pro Staff clubs are a good option for a beginning golfer, but also have possibilities for somebody more experienced, too. The first racquet that makes this list is the smallest in its size, but probably the biggest in overall hype. The Pro Staff 95S! The problem is, all the things that make it such a great racket at the net are the things that have been taken away to make the Pro Staff 97L CV lighter. Now all skill levels can enjoy the popular pro staff look and feel with the Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racquet. It is a special material designed to absorb shock and generally make tennis a bit more comfortable. The Golf Monthly test team reviews the Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 irons . I’m a big fan of the all black myself and think it’s probably the best-looking racket on the market in this paint job. Other things to note about the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 If you're a serious player and want to buy this frame you will obviously be looking for a matching pair of them. Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 100 review - today we are going to take a look at one of the rackets that I particularly like and there is a big reason for that. I think the Pro Staff 97L CV would be an excellent serving weapon for a developing junior and I would recommend it to any aspiring player. 6,00 EUR. Swings fast; Plenty of spin; Generous sweetspot; Downsides. Those used to modern cavity designs with stronger lofts will see a drop off in distance through the bag. WHAT IS THE WILSON PRO STAFF 97? This would be my main reason why I can’t really see the Pro Staff 97L CV as a racket for adults. It has some of the characteristics of a more advanced racket, without the weight. Depuis longtemps, la Wilson Pro Staff est la raquette la plus vendue de la marque. Le Design de cette nouvelle Wilson Ultra 100 reprend le design déjà utilisé pour les nouvelles Wilson Pro Staff, Wilson Burn et Wilson Blade, avec des couleurs différentes. RAQUETTE WILSON ULTRA 100 CV . cm. It’s obviously not the racket for me, but I still had good fun with this racket at the net. She currently plays with the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph. Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS Review. - une demi série wilson prostaff (7 clubs ; fers 5, 7, 9, SW, bois 3, putter et sac) achetée au pro-shop près de chez moi, que je souhaiterais faire fitter, au moins sur un plan statique (longueur, lie), et pour laquelle j'aurais un avis pour m'orienter entre les shafts acier ou graphite. When you’re only wielding a 290g racket, you’re going to get plenty of manoeuvrability anyway. It should also work for the more advanced player who wants a great bargain. Its larger headsize keeps balls in play on off-centered strokes, while its lighter weight makes it … It’s too light for most adults, but perhaps there are some intermediate players that would enjoy this racket. Longueur : 27.25 in. Who Will Win The Career Grand Slam First: DJ, Rory, Koepka or Spieth? The Wilson Pro Staff 85 have been re-released a couple of times. The Wilson Clash has been engineered to be the most flexible racquet on the When Roger Federer approached Wilson regarding an update of his iconic racket, he knew one thing for sure: The specs were already perfect. Wilson Pro Staff 95 S Racquet 2014. Furthermore, the racquet is head light balanced and features a mid-plus head to ensure superior control, manoeuvrability and magnificent handling. Length: 27in / 68.58cm Strung Weight: 10.8oz / 306.17g Balance: 13.18in / 33.48cm / 3 pts HL Swingweight: 312 String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19

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