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Companies should be contacting their customers to find out if there have been changes at their end. A rise in regional geopolitical tensions has also had a dampening effect on trade, and now there is increasing nervousness about the global impact of a “second wave” of the virus. As a company grows, the number of its suppliers grows as does the invoices it has to pay. Terms and Conditions, They will have looked at their supplier lists and made some internal ranking decisions about which relationships are the most important – ie those suppliers which must be paid on time, and those which can wait. Equally, and admirably, there are many examples of companies exploring every way possible to speed up payments to suppliers, even if it requires using their own balance sheet to do so. Treasury Today uses cookies to give you the best possible browsing experience. All Rights Reserved. Sign in. Unfortunately, it is often the larger businesses who are the worst offenders when it comes to paying their smaller suppliers late. Sign up, Copyright © Treasury Today 2020 all rights reserved - Payment practices can indicate how strong or weak your relationship is with your suppliers. SCF is not as widely adopted for large corporate buyers in Asia as in Europe and the US, but the level of interest in SCF in Asia since the start of the pandemic, in particular in Japan, suggests this is changing rapidly”. Theoretically, such growth creates stability that extends to the suppliers themselves. You should agree terms of payment at the start of all supplier contracts and commit to prompt payment practice as part of fostering a good relationship with suppliers.. Impact of late payment to suppliers. An SCF programme also creates a parallel accounts payable and payment process for the buyer – creating additional manual work required to process and reconcile back to the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system”. Companies of all sizes must collaborate in real terms and with real transparency. contracts (Construction Industry Working Group on Payment, 2007). Credit limits and watch lists – companies should be on the lookout for early warning signals that could mean there is a likelihood of future bad debts, and keeping on top of credit limits, thereby ensuring they are in a position to react as risk levels change. David Huey, Atradius' president and regional director of U.S., Canada, and Mexico said, “It is interesting that in a healthy, growing economy, bad debt continues to plague B2B markets. Payments and collections – the folly of late payment Published: Nov 2020 In this article we look at the impact of COVID-19 on Asian trade flows, consider the impact on suppliers when their customers delay paying them, offer some suggestions for preserving cash flow in these challenging times and explore how supply chain finance is evolving. Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia is spotlighted amid late payments to suppliers. COVID-19 is testing the resolve of even the most efficient companies, including those which habitually pay their suppliers on time. We are using the power of our platform to aid in the mass shortage of critical supplies. Credit extensions – allowances may need to be made for customers operating in sectors which have been hardest hit by the virus. However, in practice, these actions are much more complex, and are being viewed with growing concern on the world stage. Suppliers are far more likely to want to do more business with prompt payers than with those who have a history of doing the opposite. 101 4.12 frequency of late payment in government infrastructure projects in relation to new build budget volume per If your company can help provide supplies, capabilities, or materials for products such as N-95 Masks and Tyvek Suits — Please let us know. Such results are significant, since pushing off payments shifts responsibility onto vendors and increases their risk. Convincing both manufacturers and suppliers to agree to this technology, especially when companies may still be benefitting from an older system, will not be easy. Suppliers See Longest Wait for Payments in Last Decade. Smart businesses pay promptly in accordance with appropriate payment terms rather than applying blanket late payment policies. Late payments can be detrimental to your organization’s valuable supplier relationships. As profiled in a recent Wall Street Journal article, companies like Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. and Hanesbrands Inc. have increased their payment delays to suppliers. The United States, along with China, Spain, Portugal, and Greece, have been found to be the “most dramatic” actors. Below are some of the effects: Stress in the supply chain – when a customer delays payment to a supplier, there is an immediate impact on that supplier, who will have a cash flow shortfall that needs to be covered. The United States is not alone in delaying supplier payments. Wind-powered Car Carrier Will Cut Emissions by 90%, Why Ice Cream Trucks May Offer a Crucial Lesson in the Development of a COVID-19 Vaccine. And if a company has changed its own processes as a result of COVID-19, it should make sure its customers are aware of these too. Sign up. Copyright© 2020 Thomas Publishing Company. You can’t extend favourable terms or get payments in advance unless you have a conversation with your third parties”. Combined, this drives standardisation, simplification and automation, removing expensive human-led processes. 6 Secrets to Successful Procurement in a Crisis, Adidas Faces Colossal Challenges to Reshoring with 90% of Its Products Manufactured in Asia, Teaming up with 11 Local Companies Helped This Small Business Fulfill a Critical NYC Contract, The 12 Best Supply Chain Companies of 2020, Behind the Scenes of the Strategic Ikea Supply Chain, Inbound Marketing ROI: For Industrial Companies & Manufacturers, American Toy Manufacturers Who Make The Holidays Possible, Honda Gets Ready to Mass-produce Level 3 Autonomous Cars, Energy Tech Company's West Virginia Project Expected to Create 1,000 Jobs. Paying suppliers late is an ethical issue that doesn't receive the column inches of Libor Fixing or phone hacking, and yet it is a scandal that affects the lives of many. A report in the Financial Times from May 3, 2018, says Euler Hermes found that payment delays have reached 66 days around the world, which is an increase of one-tenth since 2008. The Payable Finance solution focuses on key factors ensuring the success of supporting SME suppliers and the economy. The impact of delayed payment is delay in project progress which affects the schedule of work and leads to cost overrun and extension of time. Some of the latest research, however, is shedding light on just how many businesses are affected. From 2017 to 2018, average payment duration has increased from 61 to 63 days. In the UK, 17% of all payments to SMEs are late. How Are Smaller Thanksgiving Gatherings Threatening the Turkey Supply Chain? More than 50% of UK SMEs currently experience or expect to experience a negative impact on company investment, their ability to pay their suppliers and their ability to pay staff an annual bonus. Supplier Pay is supported and managed by leading organizations part of the Marco Polo Network, such as Mastercard, Accenture, Microsoft, R3, Tradeteq, and TradeIX. 100 4.11 frequency of late payment in government new build infrastructure projects per sector department. Non-payment or late payments from larger businesses hamper the smooth cash flow for SME’s.A study by FSB revealed 37% of SME’s have run into cash flow issues and 30% of SME’s have considered using their business finance to cover cash flow issues. SCF programmes have historically had a very narrow scope, only benefiting larger, strategic suppliers. Here are some practical measures to consider: Keep on top of process changes – in normal times invoice settlement delays often occur purely because of inefficiency – weak internal processes, lack of automation, administrative errors or poor cash flow management, for example. Website Last Modified December 2, 2020. This is part of business etiquette that helps to maintain good business relationship despite the mistake of failing to pay on time. Don't have an account? Damaging the supply chain Providing a service or selling goods on terms can take its toll on a business, and if payment is late then they will be faced with some serious concerns of their own. Many analysts say this trend has been exacerbated by the recent recession and subsequent recovery. Companies need to ensure that their invoices are at the top of the pile for payment and should refine their internal processes for making this happen. Given the impact of poor payment practices by large companies on smaller ones, it is essential late payment becomes a central focus for policymakers going forward. In fact, “The largest public enterprises took an average of 56.7 days to pay suppliers last year, the longest time frame in the last decade,” according to Hackett. Unfortunately, delaying payments to suppliers is a route that some companies have opted to take. The Korea Small Business Institute (KOSBI) found that the “security of blockchain combined with the speed of cryptocurrency is an ideal match for B2B payments.” According to research fellow Park Jae-sung, if a public blockchain were created and cryptocurrency payments were negotiated and included in contracts, “the large corporate buyer would not be able to withhold payment on an invoice even if it wanted to.”. One solution lies in the continuing development, and scaling, of supply chain finance (SCF) solutions – using new technology it is increasingly going to be possible for smaller suppliers to gain access to SCF. A supplier is usually happy to forfeit a small discount to receive their payment early as the cost of doing so is calculated based on their customer’s usually stronger credit rating. Afraid to lose business with clients, and without effective regulation, many suppliers feel that they must accept late payments as the new normal. In this article we look at the impact of COVID-19 on Asian trade flows, consider the impact on suppliers when their customers delay paying them, offer some suggestions for preserving cash flow in these challenging times and explore how supply chain finance is evolving. Consequently, companies need to re-examine and refine their internal processes with a view to preserving maximum liquidity. According to its research, 37% of small firms have run into cashflow problems because of late payments, while almost one in three has had to turn to an overdraft and 20% have seen a slowdown in profit growth. This is certainly an increase, but we also know that many companies raised capital or drew down debt during the quarter, so these numbers are as expected. According to the company’s chief financial officer (CFO), this increase in capital created valuable opportunities, such as acquisitions that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Please enter the email that you signed up with below. It is not that smaller suppliers cannot be onboarded, it is that the combination of these two constraints makes the average cost to onboard a small supplier too high to warrant doing so and they are left behind. Late payments are the under-identified scourge of the supply chain, causing more disruptions than any other … COVID-19 brings new challenges, as staff in accounts payable may be working from home and invoices may need to be routed to new email addresses. When providing a product or service on credit terms a supplier has a cash flow gap that they need to cover, and when a payment is late this puts increased pressure on their ability to meet their own commitments. of late payment, impacts of late payment on companies and the economy and concludes by setting out potential policy responses. Negative publicity – unhappy suppliers may take to social media to shame a company that isn’t paying them on time. On the buy-side, the benefits to a firm of enforcing extended payment terms will erode over time. With the rising tide of late payments and the lack of faith in public officials’ ability to curtail it, suppliers are put in a precarious position. Ongoing disruption in the global aviation and shipping industries has compounded the situation, and some products which were formerly much in demand have seen their markets disrupted, as consumers, and national governments, have focused on securing essentials. Government has struggled to live up to its own regulations to pay suppliers within 30 pays of the work having been done. Negative impact on suppliers’ cash flow: When you’re late to pay a supplier, this can lower the supplier’s closing balance, resulting in financial challenges for them. "The delay in payments had a financial impact on suppliers, was an administrative burden to resolve, detracted from the time available to develop customer focussed business and had a … Bear in mind that there is every likelihood that legal proceedings to recover debt will be significantly delayed as a result of COVID-19. TradeIX have considerable expertise in this area, and Scott provides some thoughts on the way forward for SCF in Asia: “Popularity in SCF solutions always increases further during times of crisis as working capital and cash become an even higher priority than usual. Don't have an account? When a supplier is under pressure to meet its financial obligations, there can be a ripple effect through the whole supply chain – ie downstream providers of goods and services may well feel the impact of the customer’s action too. Terms and Conditions. Customers in high risk sectors should be monitored closely and appropriate watch lists maintained. When a company does not receive payment on time, this has a negative impact on cash flow and this would lead to severe effects such as the inability to pay its suppliers, insufficient working capital to run its day to day operations and the inability to pay its operating expenses. Thomas uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The practice of delaying payments to suppliers can be harmful to your business in a number of ways. More specifically, delay in payment of completed works is likely to constrain contractors’ cash flow, which in turn might affect timely payment of sub-contractors, workers, suppliers, and service providers. To think that 51% of respondents have had a customer suffer bankruptcy or simply close their doors is eye-opening.”. Follow up on outstanding invoices very actively – now more than ever, companies need to maintain regular contact with customers, following up on outstanding invoices even before their due date, to make sure that any issues or queries that might delay receipt of payment are resolved. Some of the most vulnerable are the most critical, and sensible companies know this”. Late payments can and do push businesses into insolvency. “The longer you wait, the more risk that your clients hit trouble. Supplier Relationship Management becomes important at the company level. The Global Worsening of Late Supplier Payments. Banks will see this as a possible warning sign which, in turn, may make the bank less willing to provide support to that business. Access to funding becomes more difficult – businesses which regularly make late payments to their suppliers are likely to see their standing in the eyes of their banks diminish. Companies must communicate effectively with their employees in such situations and train them in how to respond appropriately to complaints or criticism from suppliers. Shandley notes that supply chains are more interdependent than ever before: “The pandemic has illustrated, in stark terms, that the financial health of any given company is heavily influenced by the health of the third-party suppliers that you’re doing business with. ico-arrow-default-right. This includes cookies from third parties, which will track your use of the Treasury Today website. For example, Black & Decker’s delayed payments, among the highest in the United States, have freed up $500 million in capital since 2005. Noticing this risk, some officials, like the U.K.’s Small Business Commissioner Paul Uppal, are calling for fines to deter late payments. The single most important thing a company can do to maintain good supplier relationships is to pay its bills on time. According to a new report from South Korea, blockchain technology could provide an answer where others have failed. The track record between the two parties is key here, as is honesty in the communications. Enlist Your Company ico-arrow-default-right. Late payments, no matter the internal or external cause, is a primary cause for poor supplier performance, deteriorating relationships, creating higher prices by a built in penalty. Failure to organize and manage your AP process efficiently results in missed deadlines, leading to poor relationships... Additional interest payments and lost credit … When you get paid can have a huge financial impact on your company, and a 2019 report shows just how much late payments cost contractors October 1, 2019 A … The Impact of Late Supplier B2B Payments on Small Businesses It’s no surprise that late supplier payments is a growing issue in the B2B space. This statement reflects the complicated nature of the supplier-manufacturer relationship in the B2B space, in which an unpaid bill doesn’t necessarily mean negligence. See Suppliers who experience regular delays in receiving payments may find that this has a negative impact on their credit rating, thereby making it harder to obtain bank financing. These included both impacts on the firm (reduced investment, and a delay in paying their own suppliers) and impacts on individuals (reduced pay reviews, and reduced bonuses). What’s most worrying is that this late payment culture has a ripple down effect that on the whole supply chain, with businesses in every link admitting to paying their suppliers late because of the liquidity problems caused by outstanding payments” There are several obstacles involved here, namely that blockchain and cryptocurrency would need to be widely adopted and implemented for effective use. Across the region, supply chains have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing production facilities to scale back operations. Accounts payable management, unfortunately, can get big and unwieldy. Late payments from large businesses not only impact smaller enterprises, they also affect the economic pillar as a whole. On one end of the spectrum, retailers like clothing companies are … Delaying a supplier payment might protect your own cash flow but it has a knock-on effect, pushing the cash shortfall down throughout the supply chain instead. David Huey, Atradius' president and regional director of U.S., Canada, and Mexico said, “It is interesting that in a healthy, growing economy, bad debt continues to plague B2B markets. This is occurring at unprecedented rates. just register below, Already have an account? Regarding human labor, delayed payment of Introduction Research in 2016 into access to finance in the oil & gas industry 2 identified that many supply chain companies were being affected by late payment (defined as being paid by their customers later than agreed These are uncertain times for companies all over Asia. Automation drives down cost significantly and enables the scaling of SCF programmes, and thereby the inclusion of new suppliers for the first time. Asked generally about late payments, the Coles spokesman said suppliers' terms varied but that Coles was "committed to paying for goods delivered … Don't have an account? COVID-19 has forced many businesses in Asia to change the way they operate. On the procurers’ side, the logic of such practices is easy to follow: By delaying payments, companies can increase their cash on hand for use in other areas of the business, stimulating growth. It is vital in these situations that both parties maintain dialogue. In fact, many of our clients with global supply chains have been accelerating payments to suppliers to keep their operations flowing”.

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