punisher vs deathstroke

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24 13 631 (1 Today) ... Ah I found it, Punisher War Zone #1-5 by Greg Rucka, Frank declares war on the Avengers Upon reading on it he didn't fight most of them and eventually lost, but he was able to evade them for a good period of time while trying to prove his innocence in a recent murder. CrozzaG. Deathstroke: Hmph. Armor yang digunakan oleh Deathstroke memiliki desain yang mirip dengan ninja, sehingga penampilannya sangat mudah untuk dikenal dan memberikan intimidasi yang mengerikan bagi korbannya ketika dia datang. Deathstroke threw his Super Bomb but The Punisher ran up to Deathstroke. However when Deathstroke spotted him The Punisher shot a sniper bullet into Deathstroke’s other eye. Deathstroke The Punisher Both have standard equipment. ONE MINUTE MELEE: The AVGN vs The Nostalgia Critic, ONE MINUTE MELEE: Springtrap vs The Ghostbusters, ONE MINUTE MELEE: Sonic the Hedgehog vs Yoshi, The One Minute Melee Fanon Wiki Hall Of Records, One Minute Melees with a returning combatant, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_0Ev2RNDFo, https://oneminutemeleefanon.fandom.com/wiki/ONE_MINUTE_MELEE:_The_Punisher_vs_Deathstroke?oldid=102376. Deadshot can dodge bullets while shooting one himself. Marvel vs DC! The Battle Frank Castle AKA Punisher had just finished killing a serial killer when Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke, who was hired to kill Punisher, walked into the ally. He often takes out his targets with calculated finesse and mastery. They treat him as a serious threat and certainly do not underestimate him. The result? Really, in a one-on-one fight with no help from their friends, Deathstroke wins but not without breaking a sweat. Both also have a military background where each of them excelled in their own army divisions up until the system stopped working for them. Let me say that again - the RIDDLER. Subscribe to this channel 2. Ultimately, the supersoldier assassin from DC still wins. Both men can easily stand tall and proud (or even arrogant) with their achievements and accolades in their own respective comic book universe. The Punisher. On the other hand, we have Frank Castle who prefers guns and as much firepower as he can pack in his human physique. Not to mention his first appearance in comic books predates that of Deathstroke's, specifically in 1974 in a Spider-Man comic book. It's not clear what Deathstroke's kill count is but the fact that no one is keeping tabs means he's not really well known for being a mass murderer in his comic book franchise. Deathstroke reaches over his shoulder and unsheaths his katanna sword. By comparison, Deathstroke is more one-dimensional. The Punisher: Time for the end of you. Who will win? However The Punisher drop kicks Deathstroke on the head. Punisher belongs to Marvel Disney. The Punisher lebih simpel dengan hanya kaos biasa dengan logo tengkorak dengan balutan jaket kulit. NEXT: The Punisher Vs Deathstroke: Who Would Really Win? John Wick vs Deathstroke is one of PillsburyZomboi's DBXs. Oct 2, 2015 #2 The superhuman . The Punisher: Looks like enemy territory was no match for punishment. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Meanwhile, Castle's enemies just pale in comparison to the full might of the DC superheroes. One thing that does make him a better professional is his tendency to keep improving himself to the point of being a perfectionist. The Punisher and Deathstroke. Deathstroke was helpless as The Punisher gunned him down. That's why Marvel's The Punisher (Frank Castle) is a refreshing superhero made by adults for adults-- he doesn't fool around with half-measures, that's for sure. I shall solve this, with utter finality. It's a tough call. The Punisher Vs Deathstroke: Who Would Really Win? It's usually messy and loud (as is the case against his fights with organized crime), but it gets the job done somehow. While Deathstroke is a superhuman who has aged like fine wine, The Punisher is a dead man who refuses to die. See more ideas about punisher, punisher logo, punisher skull. Oh, what's that? The Punisher became a sad one-man army who always manages to scrape by the skin of his teeth with every encounter. Deathstroke: You don’t have the guts to kill me. Of course, there's the argument of quality versus quantity, but even the Punisher has his fair share of costumes to hang on his wall as trophies. For The Punisher, a fight with the Vulture would pretty much be nothing more than a turkey shoot! Yeah, I should have thought that through. You can't replace that human ingenuity, it gives him a more John Wick-feel. Frank Castle The Punisher vs Slade Wilson Deathstroke. But then The Punisher aimed his shotgun at Deathstroke and fired, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_0Ev2RNDFo). He even uses guided missiles from time to time, which could easily outrun this poor old thief. 2 Typo Kapellmeister. Like DanCo on Facebook 3. Deathstroke belongs to DC/WB. vote. 1 DESCRIPTION 2 INTERLUDE 3 THE PUNISHER 4 DEATHSTROKE 5 PRE DEATH-BATTLE 6 DEATH BATTLE 7 RESULTS 8 NEXT TIME... Marvel VS DC Comics! RELATED: 10 Times The Punisher Was The Most Ruthless Villain In Marvel Comics. Contact Us 150 E Grove St Dunmore, PA 18510 (201) 984-HERO (201-984-4376) Hours of Operation: M-F 8am-5pm EST By the commutative property, Deathstroke sucks. We need to take preparation into account for The Punisher to win? Deathstroke and Deadpool would team up to take out Punisher, then Deathstroke would double cross then kill Deadpool (OG's always do better than … Deathstroke threw his Super Bomb but The Punisher ran up to Deathstroke. Punisher is just a better-than-average Marine, while Deathstroke is a physically enhanced, tactical genius. He was an anti-hero character first introduced into the New Teen Titans in the 80's named Adrian Chase. John Wick vs DC! His origin as a crimefighter is a story of revenge, trauma, heartbreak, and rage. BlotskyA 7 mo 27 d . Sometimes he might use guns, grappling hooks, or mini-bombs but his standard weapons will always be either his staff or his swords. As The Punisher went off to look for Deathstroke. Deathstroke (CW) The characters have their standard gear. Which 1 will win this mugen matchup? A mercenary who underwent some supersoldier juju science but became evil instead. Comic Book Covers Comic Book Heroes Comic Books Art Comic Book Characters Comic Art Gi Joe Dc Comics Vs … Well, too bad; giving Frank Castle enough preparation to be able to win against Deathstroke also gives Slade Wilson enough preparation time to win against nearly all of the Justice League... by himself with no proxy battle or nukes. Frank Castle is simply so controversial, that he's often treated as the flagbearer of unconventional antiheroes who always resort to murder. Warisan: The Punisher Meskipun Slade Wilson memiliki keunggulan dibanding Frank, Slade muncul pertama kali pada tahun 1980 dengan menjadi musuh bagi Teen Titans. Author's note: this story is not connected to any of my other stories. punisher vs bakugou wanted: deku vs fraternity deadpool part 1 deadpool part 2 daredevil and punisher star wars: the empire strikes back american psycho : hip to be square hannibal hannibal : therapy session lucifer: who escaped hell? It's not connected to any canon. Adapt or die, man!" The Punisher got into camouflage. Now, this one's a hard part. Punisher vs Deathstroke # Deathstroke this is just a beautiful fight. Vs. Frank Castle The Punisher! & 9 Other Things You Didn't Know About Her, 5 Ways The Justice Society Are The Best Golden Age Team (& 5 Ways It's The Invaders), 10 Powers Spider-Man Technically Has (But Rarely Uses), DC: 10 Times Superman Should Have Killed Lex Luthor, Sonic The Hedgehog: 10 Things You Didn't Know About IDW's Comic Adaptation. The Punisher pulls out a Ka-Bar Knife and runs at Deathstroke however he pulls out his Promethium Sword and cuts his knife clean in half. It's stand alone. Deathstroke pulled out his own shotgun and both fired at each other. Meanwhile Deathstroke buried the dissected Deadpool. If they don't have typical standard gear, they are given a diverse se Round 3: The Punisher vs Deathstroke - Cinematic Tourney - Mickeys Tavern 23 Febrero de 2015. The Punisher got into camouflage. Deathstroke: Predictable. Life is cruel but our next combatants are even crueler. There's just no way Castle could take on that without killing himself in the process and even then, Deathstroke might still survive. Slade Wilson VS Frank Castle! In wondering who to select for this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, I first thought about having The Puisher face off against DC Comics' Vigilante. The Punisher, on the other hand, can shoot down planes, blast away tanks and rain down the wrath of the gods in the form of hot lead. Punisher turned around to see the shadowy figure pull out a shotgun and fired all his rounds at … A blog presenting covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened... but should have! Deathstroke vs. Punisher. Paired with his famous trick shots, Deathstroke will surely bite the dust. Punisher vs Deathstroke # Deathstroke Deathstroke can heal, while Punisher can't. Meanwhile, in the DC universe, not many heroes could act as a counterpart for Marvel's resident manslaughterer. WHERE ALL OF THE FIGHTS ARE SETTLED IN 60 SECONDS! Surprisingly enough, even though Slade Wilson is the more powerful character, he first appeared as an enemy of the Teen Titans (basically Justice League junior) back in 1980. It exploded right in Deathstroke’s face launching him into a wall. Deathstroke is a mercenary who's proficient in many different weapons, making his choice of arms and armaments quite varied. One Minute Melee Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It's a tale too common in comic book origin stories and Deathstroke could have been one poor explanation or dialogue away from being generic that his deranged Marvel copycat became more popular than him. They start running at each other, blades colliding and throwing up sparks. It was a late night in the city. It pits John Wick from John Wick vs Deathstroke from DC.

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